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How Should You Choose a Treadmill for Home Use in India?

Right Treadmill is like a trusted partner for your fitness and weight loss goals. However, choosing a single product from hundreds of options is a not easy task. So, we have provided a detail information on how to choose a treadmill – which will help you take the right decision.

Step 1: Understanding Your Requirements

This is the first important thing you have to consider before selecting a treadmill is to understand your requirements – walk, run, or jog. Some advanced treadmills can double up for running and cross-train. However, if your preference is to just walk or run, then you get one at affordable price range as well.

If you run a lot than walk on the treadmill, then choose a product that has larger belts and more horsepower to ensure it doesn’t falter out. Also make sure to choose a 3.0 CHP monitor for better support. When it comes to power the thumb rule is – the higher it is, the less maintenance is required.

Step 2: Determining the Type of Treadmill You Need

Based on their functionalities, treadmills are divided into 3 categories – manual, folding and motorized. We have provided a detailed information on these types to help you choose among them.

  • Manual Treadmills

These treadmills are for people who want to adjust inclination for increasing the workout strength. When comes to price, manual ones are less expensive than motorized treadmills. And moreover, they are safe to use for senior citizens as well.

As they don’t need electricity to work, so don’t have to worry about power bills even if you use it for a very long time. But they are a bit difficult to use as you should have steady steps. These treadmills are designed to prevent any chances of getting hurt while on the running belt as it will not start until you begin to walk or run.

The cushioned handles and durable running belt are designed to provide comfort. If you haven’t walked on treadmill before, then manual ones are the best option.

Less expensiveLow quality materials and parts
Takes less storage spaceLess durable
Good for jogging and walkingLower weight holding capacities (under 250 lbs)
 Smaller decks sizes – which can be hard for taller people
  • Folding Treadmills

If you don’t have much space for storing or treadmill, then it is better to choose a folding treadmill. They are just like the manual ones – but they can be folded (a convenient option when you have limited storage space like apartment or studio only). However, they are not suitable for tall runner and people who have longer strides.

Doesn’t take up lot of storage spaceExpensive than budget-level treadmills
Good for walking, jogging and running 
Great build construction (but depends on brand and model) 
Fairly budget-friendly 
  • Motorized Treadmills

If you don’t have a budget constraint, then motorized treadmills are the right choice. They come with several high-end features that most of the manual and basic treadmills don’t have. The operation and fundamental design of the motorized treadmill is a moving belt powered by an electric motor. Based on the features and designs, price of these machines vary. The only drawback of these treadmills is noise. While purchasing them, you have to look into power of the engine, inclination nature and size of running belt.

Doesn’t take up lot of storage spaceExpensive than budget-level treadmills
Good for walking, jogging and running 
Great build construction (but depends on brand and model) 
Fairly budget-friendly 

On the whole, commercial certified grade treadmills don’t come with folding option. Because they have to be durable enough for people running them all day long and every day. As home users don’t need that type of endurance, you can save lot of money as commercial ones cost a lot.

Step No.3:Determining the Size of the Treadmill

This factor may not be important for short walkers but it plays an important role for people who take longer strides and runners. Most of the treadmills have similar footprints between 17 inches (length) and 35 inches (width). However, the size will be decreased to half size if it is a folding treadmill. And you should consider the empty space required around the treadmill for access and safety.

Most of the standard treadmill track length is 55 inches for walking treadmills and for running treadmills is 58 or 60 inches. Some commercial treadmills designed for runners have track length up to 63 inches long.

When it comes to track width, standard size is 20 inches. Extra-wide treadmills have 22 inches wide and more – they are specially designed for larger trainees. Below are more clear instructions…

  • 20 x 55 – suitable for walkers, light jogging and for those who are above 6’1’’ tall.
  • 20 x 60 – Standard length for better range treadmills. Suitable for walking, jogging and running.
  • 20 x 60 – Perfect length and width for runners and walkers who use high inclines.

Step No.4: Choosing the Right Horse Power

If you are choosing a motorized treadmill to purchase, then motor is an important factor to power. Motor are the main power source for the track belt to run. There are two types of power – horsepower and continues horsepower.

CHP is the most beneficial choice as it indicates how much power the motor can handle continuously rather than at its peak. Most of the home use treadmill motor have between 2.25 and 4.25 CHP. At extremes, few modern treadmills have 1.5CHP and 5.0 CHP motors.

The amount of motor power you require in a treadmill depends on your exercise type and body weight. Below are the general recommendations for people weighing up to 90 kgs…

  • Walking – 2.0 CHP or more
  • Jogging – 2.5 CHP or higher
  • Running – 3.0 or more

However, if you weigh more than 90kgs, then just add 0.5 CHP more.

Step No.5: Determing Your Treadmill Weight Capacity

Weight capacity represent how much capacity a treadmill can hold. Usually, weight capacity ranges from 110 to 180 Kgs. We recommend to choose a treadmill that can handle at least 20kgs more than their body weight. This ensures the motor doesn’t get strained or heated up. If you weigh more than 180kgs, then it is better to choose a high-end treadmill.

Step No.6: Be Clear on the Warranty Given

Warranty is an excellent way to determine the durability of a product. Most of the treadmills cover 4 different parts – motor, body parts, frame and labour.

  • Most of the treadmills (even cheap ones) have lifetime warranty on the frames.
  • Treadmills do come with lifetime guarantees but less durable motors come with 25-year guarantee.
  • Cheap treadmill comes with 90-day warranty on parts. Reliable treadmills come with at least 1-year warranty.
  • Some manufacturers provide free labour for few years while others may provide shipping costs for machine repair as well.

Step No.7: Look for the Safety Options in the Treadmill

Some treadmills come with auto-stop feature which helps to prevent toddlers, kids and pets from accidents. Auto-stop is a very important safety feature, especially for elderly or infirm. This feature is usually controlled with a key attached to body with lanyard. If you slip somehow, the key will get disengaged and treadmill will stop to prevent any injuries.

Step No.8: Selection of a Good Brand

One of the most important features to look for a treadmill is brand. Before investing any more, it is better to choose a brand that determines good product quality and service levels. Some ideal brands are powermaxx, Cockatoo, Fitkit, Kobo and Durafit.

Step No.9: Extra Features with the Treadmill

It is always good to have extra functionalities like USB ports, docks for iPods, MP3 players, console fans, web browsers and others. If they increase your exercise motivation, then it is worth to spend extra investment.

  • Console and Control

It is better to choose a treadmill with quick one-touch speed, easy to read displays, up/down buttons for speed, heart rate, time, incline and others. We recommend to avoid any model with poorly designed displays and controls.

Some latest models have modern additional features like speakers, LCD TV, fan and other gadgets. However, if they even need a repair, getting a service can be a problem. You can purchase them separately for much lesser price if they are necessary.

  • Tethered Safety Key

All the treadmills have a safety key which lets you start the machine. It usually comes with a long cord with a clip that can be attached to the clothing. If you slip and fall, then the key will pull out and stop the treadmill. Usually, the cord has to be short enough to disengage when you are near the belt end. Key also lets you prevent children from using the treadmill.

  • Foot and Hand Rails

Most of the treadmills present in the Indian market come with handrails present at the front and side of the machine. Hand rails can be useful for people who want extra stability or to impede natural arm motion while exercising. Also look out for flat and wide foot rails alongside the moving belt. Having enough foot rail space makes it easier to go or off the treadmill.

Having side hand rails are helpful to prevent any big belly flops or falls. However, make sure the handrails don’t get in the way of arms while you are running as it can surely disrupt the balance.

  • Motor Housing

Motor housing has to be placed far enough so that it doesn’t get in the way of exercising. Ideal treadmill has a concave shaped motor housing that is tapered to the front.

  • Mobile and Internet Connectivity

Some treadmills come with internet access which allows you use google maps, personalized track meet and others. The mobile app connectivity helps to expand the capability of treadmill as it can help you track the workout history and other personal data.

  • User Profile

If the treadmill is used by several users, then you can store the data individually with separate user IDs. It is a great feature for families and competing friends. The separate IDs let you own odometer, create custom courses, goals and store a database of workout information. This is an excellent way to measure progress and reach your goals.

  • Shock Absorption

Shock absorption feature in a treadmill reduces the impact on the body by almost 40%. It reduces common issues like injuries caused by running longer. Some shock absorption types include…

  1. Springs – It is always better to avoid running on treadmills that don’t have spring shock absorption. Springs will compress and bounce back which returns the stride force back on the body.
  2. Variable Durometer Elastomer Cushions – These act as cushions to absorb any energy from the impact. They are mostly found in commercial and heavy-duty treadmills.

Step No.10: Pricing & Your Budget

For some people, budget can be the foremost consideration while purchasing fitness equipment like treadmill. It is always better to choose highest quality treadmill for the amount of money you can afford. If you want a treadmill that lasts longer, then you have to spend above Rs.15,000. Average price for the best quality with high features is Rs.25,000. For super awesome treadmill features, price range is approximately Rs.50000.

So we have covered the Best Treadmill in Best Seller Category, Top Ranked Best Treadmill in India rated by our review experts and given a full Treadmill Buying Guide. Hope you find this article useful.