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The solar panel technology is grabbing a strong attraction in our country. The major reasons behind so much of demand is mounting electricity bills and rapid increase of air pollution in the country.

Establishing a solar panel in your home or office will help in reducing the air pollution as well as your electricity bills also. As per a government report India receives more than 5,000 trillion kWh of energy in the form of solar radiation every year.

If you are looking to install one solar panel in your home or office, we have some key information for you which will help you in buying a best solar panel available in the country.

09 Best Solar Panels for Home use in India

1. Loom Solar Panel 375 watt – 24 Volt Mono Crystalline Panel (Pack of 2)

Loom Solar Panel 375 watt - 24 Volt

Loom Solar is a monocrystalline solar panel and AC Module manufacturer based in India. It is one of the fastest-growing solar panel producer in India. It is one of the most versatile panels available in the market, as they can easily charge the 24V batteries. One can easily place multiple panels in series for 24/48V battery charging.

The panel comes with a 3.2mm toughened glass which make it highly durable to withstand heavy rains, hailstorms, and snowfall. The layer of the panel is made up of aluminum which provides additional support and remove rust formation, thereby it makes panel the most durable in the market.

It is very easy to install this panel as it is equipped with a 1 meter wire and MC4 Connector. The panel works with Mono Perk cells which is capable of performing in low light conditions.

Loom Solar panel uses monocrystalline technology that come with 5 busbars and 72 cells. It is made up of A grade black silicon cells made of superior quality silicon with a conversion efficiency of 19%.

The solar panel is easily compatible with on grid and off grid inverter. It is one of the best solar panel for home use in India because if its durability and compatibility.


  • Provide enough power to run a home inverter
  • Very good performance on bad weather
  • Company provides 25 Years performance warranty.


  • Some consumers feels the issue in compatibility with inverter.

2. Luminous 325 Watts Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

Luminous 325 Watts Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

Luminous is one of the leading manufacturing brand of inverters and solar panels in India that provides a variety of products within an affordable price range. It provides a output of 325 watts which can easily run a fan, lights and television and some other electric gadgets.

The panel is made up of Polycrystalline silicon which is very efficient to deliver an excellent output of 325 watts. If we compare Poly-crystalline panels with mono-crystalline panels, these panels needs more space for delivering best performance.

These panels follows the IEC standards. As per IEC the panel is equipped with black surfaces and anti-reflective coating, which can easily absorb more light and provide more efficiency.

The major question is, What makes it different from other solar panels? It comes with a protection of EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is an encapsulant. Encapsulant sheets play an vital role in preventing dirt and water from infiltrating into solar cells or modules as well as it protects the cell by softening the vibrations and shocks to the cell.


  • Good quality current conversion
  • Company provides 25 Year warranty on the panels.
  • Anti-reflective coating for more sunlight absorption.


  • Solar panel needs a backup of 2 batteries, which makes it little bit costly.

3. Su-Kam Solar Panel 100 Watt – 12V

Sukam Solar Panel 100 Watt - 12V

Su-Kam is one of the leading manufacturer in solar energy in India. Su-Kam 100 Watt solar panel is a polycrystalline silicon solar panel which is made from A+ Grade anti-PID poly-crystalline cells with an efficiency of almost 15%. It can easily bear a power between -3% to +3%.

The main merit of the panel is that they are durable and can perform excellently in extreme bad weather conditions. It is not that efficient as compared to mono-crystalline cells but they follows the IEC standards. Su-Kam is one of the trusted manufacturer of solar panels in India. This panel qualify as one of the best solar panel for home use in India in recent times.

Polycrystalline silicon solar panel requires a large area for set up. It required almost 12-15 Sq. ft of space, it becomes easy to install it in the terrace of your home or office. Su-Kam provides a 25 year performance warranty and the main advantage is that they come with a 5 year product or material warranty that covers all physical damages.

It is made up of hollow chamber profile frame which makes it durable to withstand wind speeds up to 190 km/ph and snow loads of up to 1,000 kg . The panel is equipped with a glass coating for protecting solar cells.

Panels can easily recharge a battery of 150 Amp hour in a day. Therefore, it plays a important role in reducing the electricity bills respectively.


  • Most Economical Solar panel with durability.
  • This Solar panel provides a continuous efficiency of 15%
  • 25 Year performance warranty and 5 Year damage warranty.


  • The panel is not that much successful in Cloudy or bad weather.

4. Loom solar Panel 50 watt – 12 Volt Mono PERC

Loom solar Panel 50 watt

Every home doesn’t require a high watts of power for consumption. Loom solar panel 50 Watts are available for small home to cater their small requirements.

Loom Solar panel comes with a mono-crystalline solar cell technology that makes sure in creation of quality current even under bad weather conditions. These solar panels works in all season and provide a good output of power in extreme bad weathers also.

The best feature of Loom solar panels is, it’s efficiency never changes with the output levels. It can deliver a efficiency of 19-20%. All there panels whether it will 350 Watts or 50 Watts, all provide the same efficiency of 20%.

The 50Watt solar panel is the most lightest panel available in the market, it weights around 3-4 Kg. It doesn’t require much space and installing these panels are very easy.

Solar cells used inside the panel are A+ Grade and Anti PID cells that are capable of delivering incredible performance. Loom manufactures the best mono-crystalline cells in 12V design. Loom uses high quality silicon cells for manufacturing their panels.

Company also provides 4 busbars and 36 cells. It is very easy to install this panel as it come with a IP67 rated junction box, 1 Meter wire and MC4 compatible cable connector. Company also provides 25 Year performance warranty and 10 Year manufacture warranty on the panel.

One can easily set the solar panel in their window sill also. It is one of the best solar panel in its size and class.


  • It is excellent for bachelors or for small power requirements
  • Small in Size, portable and light weighted
  • It can easily charge a 12 Amp hour battery in 4-5 hours.


  • It is not built to meet the needs of high power output.

5. Microtek Solar Panel MTK 150Watt 12V

Microtek Solar Panel MTK 150Watt 12V

Microtek is one of the most famous companies in the world that manufactures UPS, inverter batteries and Solar panel. Microtek is known for their top quality products and pocket friendly solar panels. They are long lasting, durable and comes with tons of features.

Microtek solar panel is a 150-watt powered panel which gives you enough power to use different electrical appliances for some limited time. Cost of the panel is pocket friendly as compared to its performance.

Panels can work in all kind of weather because it is made up of heavy duty aluminum frames which help the panel in withstand in storm, rain or snowstorm and panels are heat resistant. Company have tested it in all weather conditions.

Solar cells observe the sunlight and charge themselves in the peak hour (11AM to 03PM) to provide you with its services later. It doesn’t required more than 4-5 hours to charge completely in a normal day.

Company provides protection of EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is an encapsulant. Encapsulant plays a vital role in stopping dirt and water from penetrating into solar modules or cells as well as it protects the modules by softening the vibrations and shocks to the cell. As it comes with a 3.2mm EVA which protects all its 36 modules.

Company provides 25 years warranty on the solar panel, in case of any damage or dispute it will be repaired.


  • High Efficient and Durable
  • 25 Year manufacturer warranty on the panel
  • It comes with a good mechanical strength


  • As per customer feedback after sales service is not to the par

6. Loom Solar 125 Watt – 12V Mono-crystalline panel

Loom Solar 125 Watt – 12V Mono-crystalline panel

Loom Solar panels are among the best in their respective areas because of the high quality of materials used while manufacturing them. This solar panel comes with 125Watt 12Volt mono-crystalline solar panel (pack of two) which is as efficient as 180W and 350W solar panels by Loom.

The major advantage of the panel is it’s efficiency level of 20%. The major reason behind getting such a high efficiency level because company uses a innovative cell technology for manufacturing their solar panels. It’s efficiency level is much more than its competitors.

Generally it requires 15-16 Sq. ft of area for installation. Hence, it is very easy to install it in the terrace of your home or office.

These panels are one of the most durable panels in the market because of the heavy duty aluminum frames and toughened glass protection for the cells or modules. This is the major reason company provides a 25 Year long warranty period for the panel because they are assured about the quality used in the solar panles.

Company uses PERC cells in 12V design for manufacturing the panel. PERC cells is a new technology which is focused to achieve higher energy conversion. One more feature is it comes with a 4 busbars and 36 cells.

Company provides a pre-installed diodes in the junction box with 1 meter wire and MC4 connector for easy installation of the panel. It is IP67 certified panel which is one of the best solar panel in the country.


  • It requires very less space for installation
  • It gives the efficiency of 20%, which is the best in the market
  • PERC cells are installed in it for higher energy conversion


  • It is not IEC certified

7. Luminous 160 Watt – 12V Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

Luminous 160 Watt - 12V Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

As of now, we all know that Loom Solar manufactures the best mono-crystalline panel in India but what we don’t know is Luminous manufactures the best poly-crystalline solar panel in the country. One more thing to notice is all Loom Solar panels gives an efficiency of 20% but what we don’t know is Luminous solar panels also provides an efficiency of 16%.

Luminous solar panel can easily deliver the output of 160 Watts that is enough to charge a 12 Volt battery bank easily. It is easily provide a longer support to your electrical appliances at the time of Electricity cut or in bad weather conditions.

The panel can easily generate a electricity of 8.7 Amp hour when it is fully charged. Poly-crystalline cells are used inside the panel are A+ Grade and Anti PID cells. PID cells which keeps the system from loss of energy.

Company also provides a warranty of 25 Years on the solar panel which is almost a lifetime investment in reasonable amount.


  • It provides the efficiency of 16%which is very good for Poly-crystalline panels
  • It is one of the most demanded Poly crystalline panel in the country
  • As per company it can easily provide 8.7 Amp hour of output in bright sunny day


  • It is not durable as compare to mono-crystalline panel.

8. Loom 10 Watt Solar Panel

Loom 10 Watt Solar Panel

Loom Solar mainly manufactures mono-crystalline panels which delivers high-efficiency. Loom 10 Watt solar panel is made using poly-crystalline technology. It is made up of high quality silicon cells that are made only in Germany.

The panel is very light weighted but showcases high efficiency in power generation even in the bad weather conditions. Poly-crystalline model of solar panel are ideal for small electrical appliances like bulb, fan, charging mobile and batteries.

The panel comes with a dust and water proof MC4 connector with IP68 certified junction box and 1-meter long wire. The panel can easily deliver the efficiency level of 10.03%, which is very good compared to the output levels.

Panel is highly durable because it is covered by a light-weight aluminum frame and 3.2mm thick unbreakable temper glass which can easily withstand the storm, rain and heavy snowfall. Company has also covered it with a waterproof plastic coating for keeping it safe from water and dust.

Company provides a 25 Year performance warranty on the panel and if you don’t like the panel you can return it within 10 days.


  • Highly Efficient
  • Easily movable
  • 25 Year of warranty


  • It is only preferable for off grid applications

9. Solodine 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar

Solodine 100 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar

Solodine is one of the most popular brand in India, when it comes to photovoltaic appliances or Solar panel. They get appreciation from all around the world for manufacturing world class solar panels and photovoltaic appliances.

Solodine 100 Watt solar panel is one of the top class solar panel in its class, Company manufactures 75 W, 150 W, and 200 W of solar panels also. The solar panel is MNRE and IEC certified.

Panel is made of Polycrystalline silicon cells which produces 5.1 AH of current in single charge. It is one of the most reliable and durable solar panel in this price range. It can easily generate energy under bad weather conditions.

It comes with a IP67 junction box which keeps it dust and waterproof. It comes with a 1 meter wire long wire and MC4 connector. It is very easy to install the panel, affordable price and ready to use features makes it one of the best solar panel under this category.

Company provides 5 year warranty on the maintenance of panel and 1 year warranty on the damage of the panel. If you didn’t like the panel you can replace it within 10 days.


  • Light weighted solar panel
  • Compatible with Inverter
  • Required less space


  • Works on On grid appliances only

Buying Guide for Solar Panels

We have already seen the different parts of a solar system. We have also discussed in brief about the functionalities of each part.

Costs wise, the solar panels consists of 50% of the overall cost of installing the panel.

The battery and inverter will make almost 30% of the cost. The other major components, like wires, mounting structures and junction boxes contains the remaining cost.

Solar panels – The components

As we already discussed above that Solar panels are made up of solar cells.

For making a Solar PV system, it requires connections, laminating, taping, installing junction box and testing.

Glass: It protects the solar module or cell from any damage

Encapsulant: It is the most important part that give adhesion in middle of the solar cells, the bottom and top surfaces of the module. It should be transparent while having low thermal resistance.

Frame: It is placed for providing protection to outer layer

Solar Cells: The main work of absorbing sunlight and converting solar energy into electricity happens at this point.

The Junction box: Junction box consist of wires that helps in transporting the electricity from the solar panel to the power conditioning unit.

Back sheet: It provides extra support to the entire module.

How do they work?

Solar panels absorbs the sunlight that falls on it all over the day. Higher sun intensity means electrons will contribute more to the flow of current.

Major purpose of solar panels is to convert solar energy into electricity. One can store this energy into batteries for use at later stage.