Best Sofa Bed in UAE, 2022

If your parents come to town, your pal is visiting to stay your stay, or your kid plans an overnight sleepover, a sofa bed is a great furniture piece for overnight guests.

A bit more costly than a conventional sofa, sofa beds are well worthwhile because they let your living space double as the guest room instead of (or in addition to) an air mattress.

Sleeper sofas are available in a large variety of styles and forms. The design that is ideal for you will be determined by the one that will work best with your space as well as your individual preferences.

It is recommended to measure your space to make sure that not just your sofa fits perfectly but also will be able to pass through your door frames, and into your home.

Overall Best Sofa Bed is: Pan Emirates Daynora Sofa Bed

Easy use Sofa Bed is: Karnak Convertible Sofa Cum Bed

Comparison of the Best Sofa Bed in UAE

Karnak Convertible Sofa Bed

Karnak Convertible Sofa Bed #Rank1

  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Wood
  • Product dimension: 150 x 215 x 75 cm
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Pan Emirates Daynora Sofa Bed

Pan Emirates Daynora Sofa Bed#Rank2

  • Colour: Yellow and Brown
  • Material: Fabric and wood
  • Product dimension: 177 x 83 x 74 cm
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Danube Home Carissa

Danube Home Carissa#Rank3

  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: Metal, Fabric
  • Product dimension: 186 x 106 x 50 cm
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Review of the Best Sofa Bed in UAE

One of the most difficult things to do when looking for a sofa bed is to find one that isn’t an actual sofa bed at all.

We’ve got you covered. Pick your favourite and then fill in the details: filling mattresses, mattress, wood and the fabric you prefer, and you’ll have the perfect space for guests hidden away.

1. Karnak Convertible Sofa Cum Bed

Karnak Convertible Sofa Cum Bed L-Shape Corner Sofa Plus Diwan Bed with Storage Box

You can flip the cushions to move the chaise to one side or the other and also reposition the footstool. You can easily convert your guest bedroom or bedroom into a living space by simply flipping the cushions.

Built-in storage makes it easy to find and is large enough to store bedding and books.

The sofa bed can be used in the living room, baby bedroom, making the baby bed, waiting for the area, apartment, studio, and other areas.


  • Premium foam and fabric
  • Wooden sofa cum bed with storage
  • Multifunction design


  • NIL

2. Pan Emirates Daynora Sofa Bed

Pan Emirates Daynora Sofa Bed, L177 x W83 x H74, Yellow & Brown

Pan Emirates Daynora sofa beds look stunning and are Made from soft, comfortable leather, with thick cushions and extra padding.

It has a soft foam cushioning on the backrest and seat that provides a comfortable seating experience.

This sofa bed makes a great addition to any living space, whether it’s a studio apartment, small living space or guest room.


  • Fabric material
  • Elegant design
  • Good built quality


  • NIL

3. Danube Home Carissa 3 Seater Fabric Sofabed

Danube Home Carissa is an excellent craft sofa bed that will make your home look luxurious

To support the product’s overall weight, the seat cushion and backrest are filled with high-density foam with fabric upholstery.

The legs of the Sofa are made from metal material.


  • Metal Chase
  • Premium design
  • Highly cushioned


  • NIL

Ultimate Sofa Buying Guide

Things to know before buying Sofa Bed

Size: Many sleeper sofas are heavier than the typical sofa, and are particularly pullout designs with frames made of metal.

If you are planning to move it often then you might want to consider an alternative that is smaller and lighter such as a futon-style fold-down sofa bed.

Make sure you measure your room for the dimensions of the sofa layout and the bed that is fully extended before you purchase.

Converter type: With sleeper couches that have pull-out mechanisms and sofa beds which fold flat, think about how easily the sofa will transform from seating for regular use to an overnight bed.

If you’re looking for a smaller apartment or dorm such as dorm, and do not have much space to move furniture around and furniture, you might want to opt for a twin or futon-style sleeper.

The fold-down converters are the fastest to convert and generally require less space, however, they’re not always as comfortable as a pull-out sofa with an innerspring mattress or a memory foam bed.

Bed vs. Sofa Think about the main purpose that the sofa serves. Does it serve as the sole set-up for visitors who stay overnight? You might need to concentrate on the comfort of the bed’s configuration and select the pull-out design.

If it is intended to be used as a sofa with the added benefit of accommodating a guest for an overnight stay or two times throughout the year, you might not require to have the comfiest bed. Instead, you will weigh the cost in terms of style, size and design more carefully.

Benefits of Sofa Bed

More Space

No matter what your belongings may be, you can store them under the space given under the sofa bed. You can also keep important documents there. You can also stack any items that you feel take up too much space under the mattress.

This feature is not available on a regular sofa, no matter how costly. This furniture is budget-friendly and aims to maximize every square inch.

Multipurpose to Entertain Guests

It doesn’t matter that you don’t have enough room for guests when you entertain them. You could always fold the bed in order to make enough space for the table. 

You can also switch to the bed when they want to stay overnight.

Budget Friendly

One can choose not to purchase many furniture pieces even though their space isn’t minimal. Of course, most people in these circumstances choose to buy beds. As a result, there is no room for the sofa or an appropriate seating arrangement. 

In this situation, purchasing the sofa bed is a good financial investment and an attractive one. It is possible to convert it into a bed, or a sofa based on your requirements and then make it a place to entertain guests and take napping.

Easy to Use

The conversion of a sofa to a bed, and turning the bed into a couch could appear like a lot of work for professionals to accomplish. But, the sofa bed is designed for anyone to use without difficulty.

It takes only one person to complete the procedure because of the lightweight materials and the joints that are lubricated.

The only thing you need to do to set up the bed is take off the metal frame that is underneath the furniture. In addition, most all sofa beds are equipped with a simple mechanism to allow for easy mobility.

Elegant Design

Because of its simplicity and multiple uses, the majority of people who live in modern houses nowadays prefer a sofa bed instead of a traditional sofa. Furthermore, craftsmen have come up with new concepts to make it appear more stylish and elegant.

Therefore, it could be said that buying furniture doesn’t necessarily mean that space shortage is the cause. It can also serve as a style statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we make the Sofa Bed more comfortable?

A lot of sleeper sofas today are extremely comfortable on their own due to their more cushioned mattresses and lesser support.
If you discover that your sofa’s mattress is uncomfortable, a simple method to make it more comfortable is to use dense memory foam or latex mattress protectors that provide additional padding and reduce the discomfort caused by the support made of metal.
You’ll still need to remove it in order to fold it back in place. Many mattress toppers weigh a lot which makes them difficult to keep in storage.

How can we close and open the Sofa Bed?

To remove a pull-out sofa bed, begin by taking the seat cushions off of the sofa. Below, you’ll see an arm. Some sofa beds include straps that keep this mechanism that you’ll need to take off at this moment.
Take the handle, and pull upwards and out, pulling support legs towards the floor. Then you can pull the front side of the frame forward to expand and unfold the mattress.
To shut the mattress Close the sleeper, and reverse these steps. Pick the edge of the bed frame and fold it back and fold the mattress into two halves. Fold the bed frame upwards, then lower it in a slant so that it is lowered back to the frames of the sofa.
Once it’s set then push it down until it’s flat. Then secure it in the frame. After that, you can remove the cushions on your seat and then use the sofa in the same way as before.

What is the life span of a Sofa Bed?

The typical life span of the sofa bed is 15 years. However, this period can vary based on the design and the way you use it.
You can generally count on a quality sleeping sofa last for a similar amount of time, but it’s also contingent on the way you utilize it. If your sofa is being used as an occasional couch for the majority time, it’s likely to last longer than making use of it for sleeping.
If the mattress on the sleeper sofa begins to get worn out it is possible to purchase a new mattress that will keep the expense of replacing the entire sofa.

Can you leave blankets or sheets on the Sofa Bed?

When you fold down a sleeper couch, it is possible to leave the mattress’s sheets in the event that you want to. It’s also practical if the bed will be used multiple times in a row. This is because it doesn’t mean you have to change the mattress each night.

But, if you’re going to be using the mattress for a long period of time, it’s best to remove the sheets since they’ll often become soiled or smelly when left unattended over the sofa.
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