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Owning a new puppy or having a dog is like having a child.

Children need rules to live in the society effectively. So parents teach them what to do and what not to do.

Similar is the case with dogs….

The day a dog is there with you it becomes part of the family. The more you love and train them, they will become a super excellent companion till death.

There is no more true love that you can expect in this world in comparison to a dog’s love.

Still, there are people who find difficulty with dogs. It’s due to improper grooming or lack of training. Uncontrolled Barking, Disobedience, Biting, Chewing things, Jumping around, Whining, etc can be stopped with training.

Being in the comfort of your home, taking the right training which are provided by experienced  & approved dog trainers online courses are in high demand.

There are many courses in online. But getting the right training is the key.

Many traditional training style has become outdated which focus on dominance and punishment based philosophies.

Top Ranke, has listed the Top 3 Online Dog Training Classes which are safe for your dogs, easy to do, and the most effective.

Top 3 Online Dog Training Class

Genius Dog 300 x 250 - Animated
Top Rated Online Dog Trainer

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“Today's dogs suffer from a lack of mental stimulation and quality time spent with ‘their’ people. The resulting boredom and anxiety can lead to no end of physical and behavioral problems. Brain Training for Dogs is the solution! In a clear and concise manner, Adrienne Farricelli walks owners through a series of puzzles and exercises that will challenge and entertain dogs of all abilities.”
Dr. J Coates
Veterinary Advisor at

Dog Training Style of Adrienne

“Neuroplasticity – Dogs brains are similar to human brains. It’s like soft plastic – always capable of molding and changing to learn new habits and behaviors.

With the right mental stimulation and training… (That you will get in my program) your dog’s brain will become more open and receptive to learning new information.

Your dog will listen to you and better understand what you are telling him to do.

When this happens – your dog’s bad behaviors simply fade away as more desirable ones appear in their place.” – Adrienne 

Rank #2. Dog Training Secrets They Don't Want You To Know

Created By - Anthony Louis

Top Rated Online Dog Trainer
Anthony's training is so beyond helpful and usefu! He teaches you how to train your dog so that they listen to you and not just the trainer. My dog has improved so drastically over the last week and I am so excited to continue using Anthony's techniques to get my dog to his most obedient level!
MacKenzie Baynham
Facebook Review

Dog Training Style of Anthony Louis

After studying thousands of hours of how mother dogs deal with her pups Anthony devised his Nature Based Training Method. His method has worked on thousands of dogs over the years.

Rank 3. The Online Dog Trainer

Created By - Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan’s tips and instructions on handling our Schnoodle puppy Manu have been absolutely invaluable.His simple and easy going presentation makes it a great experience for the whole family.I’m thrilled at how much more we’ve learnt about her needs and what a loving and obedient dog Manu has turned into.Our family wouldn’t be the same without her.Thanks Dan,
Mike McRoberts
TV 3 News

Dog Training Style of Doggy Dan

“I found a very different method that understood what was really going on. This method is without a shadow of a doubt the simplest, gentlest and most logical way to change your dog’s behaviour. Based firmly on the dogs own communication signals they understand it immediately.” – Doggy Dan

Learn More on [Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer] on the Official Website

Why should I do dog training?

For Behavioral Problems

- Aggressive Dog Behavior.- Disobedience- Uncontrolled Barking-Reluctance to be Social.

New Puppy or Dog Owner

To make your puppy or dog part of your family, good training is essential

Over Excitement

- Always jumping up seeing people. - Keeps pulling on the leash- Won't settle down

Fear & Anxiety

Some not well groomed dogs has fear and anxiety issues. They become extreme sober.

Unpleasant Behaviors

- Chewing or Biting Unwanted Things- Digging All Around- Whining too much

Benefits of Dog Training

It could save the dog’s life

If you can spend some quality time training the dog, you will have the capacity to control the dog. Train the dog in such a way that if there is an impending danger, you can easily command the dog to get back to you safely.

If for some obvious reasons, you have to put your dog in a rescue or shelter, a well-trained dog is likely going to adjust in the new home, than dogs that has never received any form of obedience training.

The dog can be taken to more places

If the dog has received some basic manners, then you can place him in any situation, environments and places and they will adjust perfectly. If you have a guest in the house, the dog will not embarrass you. A well-trained dog will also spot when a traitor is around your environment and will react unfriendly to the traitor.

A well-trained dog can be taken to public parks, hiking, camping, pet stores, public beaches, groomers, hotels and other business places and yet they will never create any public scene or nuisance. This is possible, because they are well-trained.

You will have a stronger bond with the dog

The act of developing a strong bond with the dogs starts the moment you bring them to your place. However, the process of bonding might take some time, especially if the dog is still grieving the former owner or if it was mistreated by the previous owner.

To strengthen the bond, dog owners are encouraged to spend time with them, do few things together. The bonding time will expose you to know the dog very well, and learn how to teach, play and work with them.

The dog will also learn what can make you happy or angry. As you get closer to the dog, you will build trust and respect and the relationship will blossom. This is especially important when building a bond with a puppy. This puppy trainer comments that the most important time to build a bond with your dog is when it’s a puppy dog.

Both of you will live happier lives

As you get to know the dog very well, you will know small things like the position of their lips, tail, ears, mouth and so on. A well-behaved dog will also know some of your friends and will relate well with them.

The happier the dog becomes, then the less possibility of the dog developing behavioural issues. Spend more time with the dog and you will reap the dividends bountifully.