After getting a full body massage, it will help you in getting rid of full day work stress, Isn’t it?

But regular visit to massage parlor will be time consuming as well as not cost efficient. The main thing is that you will not get a proper full body massage there.

In that case you will need a zero-gravity massage chair. In market you will get foot and calf massagers also for targeting the specific area.

The massage chair consists of air bags and rollers in order to provide a proper blood circulation in your body and relaxes the muscles.

Apart from that, we have provided the list of best massage chairs in India with proper review and buying guide.

05 Best Full Body Massage Chair

JSB MZ19 Full Body Massage Chair e16063948458859.6

JSB MZ19 Full Body Massage Chair Top Pick

  • Chronic Pain Relief
  • Foot Roller Massage
  • Heat Therapy
  • Zero Gravity Seating
  • Effective Neck and Back massage
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Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair e16063952972999.2

Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage ChairBest Selling Chair

  • Zero gravity massage
  • Carbon fiber heating for lower back
  • Body scan sensors
  • 20 pcs air bags from shoulder to feet
  • 3 levels of massage speed
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JSB MZ30 Massage Chair9

JSB MZ30 Massage ChairBest in Performance

  • Thermal therapy
  • Multiple air bags
  • Extendable footrest
  • Foot roller
  • 3 Auto modes for massage
  • 8 rollers for blood circulation
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Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair e16063972324319.3

Bodyfriend 4D Massage ChairBest 4D Massage chair

  • Zero Gravity,
  • Heat Therapy
  • Air-bags with vibrators
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1 Year on site warranty
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Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair e16063977314338.7

Lifelong Full Body Massage ChairMost Economical Chair

  • Powerful 3D back and leg massage
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Air Pressure and rollers
  • Digital panel for controlling
  • 1 year warranty with option of extending warranty
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Review of Best Massage Chair in India

1. JSB MZ19 Full Body Massage Chair

JSB MZ19 Full Body Massage Chair

There are some major reasons to put this full body massage chair in the top of the list. It comes with some excellent features, good in performance and great response from customers regarding to its use.

In this body massage chair you will get 6 different kind of massage styles like tapping, kneading plus tapping, kneading, shiatsu massage, knocking and airbag compress. Some of them are focused on providing relief from stress and anxiety and some provide relief from chronic pain.

Company provides 5 different auto-modes to choose from comfort, relax, ache relief, upper and lower body massage, most of the people like one of two modes that will work the best for them. One can save that mode and enjoy that in future just by one tap. If you find it intense then you can adjust the intensity as per your priority with the remote. This massage chair comes with a heating pads in the back which will provide a proper heating treatment to your back.

If some one is suffering from back pain or clumsiness in the joints, the machine is equipped with a unique feature known as spot massage programme that targets specific zones and works as a therapy massager. Zero gravity massage and shiatsu massage is very helpful after a workout session or a stressful day. It comes with a 5 different styles of massages for the legs and feet. Rolling feet massage, calf massage, air-bag leg massage, ankle lift air-bag massage is there to reduce any pain and muscle tension in the targeted areas.

The main thing is the machine is adjustable according to your height for repositioning of rollers. This means anyone can get the customized massage, he or she just need to find there comfortable position and enjoy a relaxing massage.

The black leatherette gives it a elegant and rich look. One can put it anywhere in their home or office as per their comfort and enjoy the massage. It can easily handle the weight of 110kg of weight and comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

What we Liked:

JSB is one of the best company which produces world class massager but this particular massage chair is our favorite because it has more massage options than any other models of MZ series. Besides, it is an extraordinary choice to deal with severe pains and muscle fatigue which is very difficult to find under this budget. One more reason to love this machine is it has 5 star ratings from all its users and make it one of the best massage chair in India.


  • Various new features in a budget price
  • 22 air-bags on arms, legs and shoulders are rare under this budget
  • Provide Zero gravity massage for relaxation
  • Heating therapy
  • Outstanding customer reviews


  • As per customers Foot rollers will be little much harsh on the feet.

2. Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

This full body massage chair comes with heat pads that automatically releases heat from the carbon fibres from the back of the massage chair, it helps in increasing blood circulation and provides relief from muscle stiffness or pain in your back or hips.

In this body massage chair you will get  6 different massage modes including shiatsu, kneading, tapping, flapping, rolling and knocking from neck to feet for full body relaxation. Kneading massage where pressure is applied on the top and innermost layers of muscle which can treat improve flexibility, tight muscle and lessen pain.

It comes with 20 airbags on which is placed shoulders, arms, legs and foot help in giving amazing full body massages. The SL Track mechanism allows longer rail for maximum comfort. Company provide 3 different level of massage speed from slow, medium and strong for different massage feelings.

It comes with different auto-modes to choose from comfort, relax, ache relief, upper and lower body massages, One can choose from any of this modes and enjoy as per your choice. One can easily adjust the intensity as per their priority with the remote. This massage chair creates very less noise and easily transferable from one place to another using the wheels given at the bottom of the chair.

Company provides a 1 year manufacturer warranty, free installation and demo by their technician.


  • Zero gravity massage function
  • SL-Track mechanism
  • 6 different massage modes
  • 20 Air bag and Roller massage
  • Carbon fiber heating for lower back
  • It comes with a Body scan sensors
  • One can command the chair with voice
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • As per users remote control is not that user-friendly
  • Airbag compression adjustment is a bit tiresome

3. JSB MZ30 Massage Chair

JSB MZ30 Massage Chair

JSB is one of the major manufacturers of zero gravity massage chairs in India and JSB MZ30 is one of the most renowned product from them. It comes with numbers of airbags and rollers that provide you a wonderful experience of massage in home or office. In Indian market you will find various manufacturers of massage chair competing for the trust and loyalty of customers but this massage chair by JSB is one of the top-selling massage chairs in India.

It comes with a wired remote control through which user can easily control the performance of the massage chair. In remote control you will get all the necessary functions and are easily accessible , you only need to press a single button. It is one of the best massage chair by JSB.

In this body massage chair you will get 8 rollers for removing pain from your neck and back. Apart from that, you will get airbags installed on thighs, calves, feet, arms, and shoulders for proper massage. One of the most unique feature of JSB MZ30 is it comes with Yoga stretch, it engage pulling and pushing in a programmed manner to attain the yoga effect. It helps in weight loss, improved flexibility and etc.

It comes with a 3D Massage technology which you will find in every massage chair and its major moto is to adjusts the pressure intensity of the massage, and helps in more accurate body scan. It comes with a 3 different auto modes for different body parts and the footrest can be easily expended as per the height of the user.


  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty
  • 14 massage roller for complete massage experience
  • Foot roller and Airbags
  • Extendable footrest
  • Thermal therapy


  • It is not recommended for people with a height of 6 feet or more.

4. Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair

Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair

Coming from the affordable side of things, the Bodyfriend 4D massage chairs is still offers features that are generally found in high-end products. The machine has an impressive four-wheel driven vertically movable and totally silent massage hands. The chair is designed to offer various massage therapies including shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and kneading with flapping.

Bodyfriend includes 4 airbags on the shoulders, 24 on the legs and 2 side airbags on the hip regions that work with heat therapy and vibration. It also has 8 airbags that wrap around your arm and applies pressure therapy. Like an expensive model, it has incorporated foot rollers with heating therapy that can instantly take out all the pain and muscle stiffness.For those who wish to listen to music while relaxing on a massage chair, Bodygurad has provided in-built Bluetooth speakers in the chair. You can connect your Smartphone or iPad with it and enjoy a prolonged massage therapy while enjoying music or podcasts.

The automatic body scan technology detects your shoulder position and locates the rollers according to your body’s pressure points. Along with the different massage styles, this also features the Zero Gravity Position which improves the heart and lung function and relaxes the body from head to toe.

You can customize the massage programmer depending you’re your comfort and preference. The upper body massage allows you to set the rollers in three positions, fixed, partial and overall massage.

You can also change and control the intensity levels of the rollers. Flapping, knocking and shiatsu has 5 intensity level settings. Also, change the width between two kneading balls to achieve the type of massage that you need.


  • Hand massage with air-bag pressure
  • Heat therapy for back, hips and feet
  • In-built Bluetooth speaker
  • Zero gravity seating position


  • Very heavy and huge in size
  • Not very eye-appealing

5. Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair

Lifelong Full Body Massage Chair

This massage recliner chair is equipped with a powerful 3D back and leg massage option along with head and buttocks massage.

It offers full body coverage with various massage styling techniques like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking and air squeeze.The recliner helps in stretching your entire body and provides relief to your muscles from tiredness.

Bluetooth speakers are provided built-in with the chair and you can enjoy your favorite music while getting a massage.

The digital panel is attached to the seat handle using which you can control the speed, intensity of the rollers.

This budget massage chair comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty along with a 6 month extended warranty up on registering on the company’s website.


  • Cheapest Full body massage machine chair
  • Powerful 3D massager for legs, back, buttocks and head
  • Full body coverage airbags
  • Multiple massage style options
  • Doubles up as a recliner
  • Bluetooth speakers


  • Nothing; Worth the price