Top 3 Best Load Boards in the USA

The best load boards are few and far in between, which are the best load boards in the USA?
As a new owner-operator, how can you get the best loads?
Getting a well-paid and apt load for your trucking operation is a very hard task. As an owner-operator, you need to find the load, call up, negotiate and fix the pickup and drop, manage the paperwork, etc,
This is where a good load board ( an electronic interface between shippers, brokers, and truckers) comes into play.
Peace of mind, financial leverage, and security are some of the benefits of using a good load board. Also, good load boards provide good loads (up and down) and help you to get paid well, without the danger of empty hauls.
A good load board provides you with loads (to and fro), a good rate per mile, and also it can create dedicated freight lanes for your trucking operation.
The ultimate top best load board for truckers, in 2022 is DAT Load Board
The best free load board for truckers is DAT Load Board, giving you one month of a free trial.
The best load board for box trucks is DAT TruckersEdge.
The best freight broker load board is DAT Power Load Board

We are listing the top 3 best load boards in America in the below section:

Best load board for owner operators

1. DAT TruckersEdge Load Board

This is the best Load Board for Truckers 2022, best box truck load board and the best load board for new owner-operators

DAT TruckersEdge is North America’s best load board with over 6o,ooo truckloads posted every day. It provides truckers access to the DAT® Network.
As a trucker, you get unlimited searching and posting, instant alarm match notification, broker credit scores and days to pay, market rates, mileage routing, and more extra features in an affordable package.
When it comes to the best load boards DAT TruckersEdge is the best, to see its features and benefits read the review below:


  •  Unlimited searching and posting
  •  Instant alarm match notification
  • Broker credit scores and days to pay, market rates, mileage routing, average lane rates
  • Call to post and search functionality.
  • Tri-Haul
  • DAT Assurance
  • Information on Canadian Loads
  • IFTA & Fuel Optimization


Starting at just $39.95, the Standard TruckersEdge plan provides unlimited searching and posting, instant alarm match notification, broker credit scores and days to pay, market rates, mileage routing, etc.

Starting at just $75.00, Enhanced TruckersEdge Plan provides all the benefits of a Standard plan plus average lane rates and call to post and search functionality.

Starting at just $125.00, Professional TruckersEdge Plan provides all the benefits of the Enhanced plan plus Tri-Haul, DAT Assurance, information on Canadian Loads, IFTA & Fuel Optimization.


  • See the average lane rates paid by brokers, based on the past 15 days
  • Research outbound vs. inbound loads by the state to see where demand is highest
  • Easy monthly billing and no contracts (DAT)
  • TriHaul™: Automatic suggestions for higher-paying round trips using triangular routing Automatically suggests triangular routes that improve your rate per mile.


  • Nil


We have found during the process of our review that DAT provides North America’s best load board for truckers/brokers/dispatchers, it has about 600,000 loads appearing every day.
Carriers/brokers get access to DAT® Network, we found that we can instantly find and bid on loads as they arrive in your feed, filtered to your preferences. You can use the alarm notification (notify you when a load matching your preference appears), heat map (to know where the trucks are in high demand), etc
Our experts found out that DAT TruckersEdge has the widest range of loads, with the most detailed information on who your clients are.

Best load board for owner operators

2. DAT Power

Best Load Board for Freight Brokers

DAT Power is a state-of-the-art load board for truckers/shippers/brokers to understand the pulse of the US and Canada freight market. It uses top-of-the-line AI to match loads with truckers.
DAT power provides owner-operator/carriers/brokers with real up-to-date load rates based on the real transactions happening over the 65,000 lanes.
993,000 loads are posted every day in DAT Power, users can see actual market rates rather than bids. They provide you with a look into actual loads, free trucks, and updated transactions happening right now.


  •  Unlimited searching and posting
  • Full access to the DAT database connects you with the most reliable brokers and carriers
  • Includes live tech support/training
  • Most state of the art truck load board, instant refresh, and the fastest load board
  • Best load boards for shippers and dispatchers
  • 993,000 loads are posted every day


  • Alarm Match notifies you when a post meets your needs
  • The hot States help you find the highest-volume origins and destinations by state
  • Market Rates shows spot market lane rates, including line haul and fuel surcharge
  • Search the DAT Directory for company profiles, FMCSA data, broker days-to-pay & credit scores, read and write reviews
  • Triangular routing suggests three-leg routes that pay better than round-trip routes
  • Print out your search results
  • LIVE Comprehensive Search – Refine your results
  • Hot Market Maps provide daily load-to-truck ratios
  • Group functionality allows you to view postings and comments from your co-workers
  • DAT CarrierWatch®– Carrier safety ratings and insurance
  • New and improved DAT LaneMakers shows the top 20 companies posting trucks/loads in the past 30 days
  • Posting Matches shows your results without running a search
  • Block/Favorites – Customized search results



DAT Power is one of the states of the art and best load boards in the USA. It has many innovative features like instant refresh, 993,000 loads posted every day, and it is the fastest load board.
During our review found that it’s a good fit for fleet operators, small brokers, semi-large carriers, and shippers with low to moderate freight volume. It has very good time-saving tools that help you to haul more at a good rate per mile.
.All these plus other cool features make DAT power the best load board in the industry.

Best load board for owner operators

3. 123 Load Board

Best User-Friendly Load Board

123 load board’s website and mobile app help truckers find loads using our load board freight inventory.

The 10-day trial is available to use the app both on desktop and your smartphone, though the service starts at $35 per month.

Their website and mobile app help truckers find loads using their load board freight inventory and our freight matching tools anytime anywhere.


  •  Unlimited searching and posting,
  • Find better loads and higher-paying truck freight
  • Maps & Tolls locater
  • Industry Freight Rates (Rate Check)
  • Up to 3 users
  • Find Loads 24/7
  • Real-Time Load Alerts
  • Website & Mobile App Access
  • Enhanced Mileage & Maps (PC*Miler)
  • Document capturing and storage
  • Credit Scores & Days-To-Pay (Trans Credit & Thunder Funding)
  • Load Planner
  • Free Fuel Card (Save 10-40 cents per gallon)
  • Industry Freight Rates (Powered by Rate Check)


  • Search over 100,000 truckloads daily
  • Minimize your deadheads and maximize your profits
  • Load Board App Displays Return Loads (Backhauls)
  • Displays market rate check
  • Displays drop off and pick updates
  • Get Paid Faster (Quick Pay)
  • Access premium load board tools like load planner, rate check, mileage and routing and so much more!


  • Buying an industry leader like DAT Truckers Edge will give you exposure to more loads and features at the same price.


123 load board is an industry leader with a very robust mobile and internet app. It’s one of the few apps where load posting is still free.

We in our review found that:

In the 123Loadboard market place the drivers can search, find, book, factor, save on fuel and get quick cash to manage their loads – real-time, anywhere.

123 load board provides pertinent trucking tools to manage truck booking, freight matching, credit, factoring compliance issues, and routing while keeping costs affordable.

Best load boards for truckers/ owner-operators in the USA (finale) :

As a truck owner-operator/trucker you can also build a relationship with high-paying shippers/ brokers and haul their loads directly before it is put on a load board.

Follow the money and when you become known by brokers/shippers you will be directly contacted for hauling loads to and fro. This is why you need the help of the best load board in the trucking industry to find goodly paid loads.

For a fresh-to-market owner-operator, the DAT load board is a lifeline it provides you the best dollar per mile both to and fro hauls. Make use of the best load board for truckers to increase your average lane charge as a newcomer.

DAT TruckersEdge for carriers – Free 30 Days Activation link of the load board click here

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