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Looking for Best Kitchen Hob for your modular kitchen? Well, you are in the right place.

A kitchen hob is actually a modern version of traditional gas stoves with added benefits.

No matter how stylishly you design your kitchen, if you are using 10 years old stove full with grease it will still look dull and old. A fancy hob with smart features makes your kitchen stand out and takes your cooking into a whole new level.

If you are planning to buy a kitchen hob right now, hold on, there is more to it. They largely vary in terms of build quality, while some come in the fully-steel body the others have a tempered glass on top, the burners also come in different sizes and styles made with different knobs and pan supporters.

With the newest models in the market comes with some advanced features like auto-ignition, flame failure detection, 360 rotating knobs, safety-lock etc.

We have done a lot of research work and have compiled a list of best kitchen hobs for you. Here is the list of Top 07 Best Kitchen Hobs in India that you can find in the market right now.

#1 Top Recommendation
Best kitchen hob

Elica Hobtop Italian 4 Burner

Auto-ignition with360 degree rotate nozzles.

  • Ultra-slim floating design
  • Rustproof enamel-coated supporters
  • The cooktop has toughened Premium Glass Finish
  • Corrosion & Scratch resistant properties.
  • Powerful and even heating
  • High-quality brass burners
Top Pick in 4 Burner
Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Whirlpool Elite HD 704 Brass Gas Hob

High-efficiency flame levels with 10+5 year warranty

  • High-efficiency multi-ring burner
  • Best Heat Resistant Knobs
  • Durable materials
  • Toughened glass
  • Long warranty duration
Top Pick in 3 Burner
Bosch Built in Gas Hob Glass Top 3 Burner Black PPC7S6F20I

Bosch PPC7S6F20I

Auto-ignition with a 2-year warranty

  • High power and triple ring burners
  • Integrated flame failure safety device
  • Space-saving square shape
  • Guided flame technology
  • Specially designed to handle heavy-duty cooking

List of the 07 Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Elica Hobtop 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition e16047748049519.1

Elica Hobtop Italian Burner Best Seller

  • 4 Burners Kitchen Hob
  • High-quality metallic knobs
  • Ring brass burner
  • Cast iron round grid
  • Multi flame control
  • Premium glass finish
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Bosch Tempered Glass Gas Hob8.9

Bosch Glass Gas Hobeasy to maintain

  • 4 Burners Kitchen Hob
  • High-end gas hob with powerful burners
  • Flame failure safety
  • Sword control knobs
  • Flame failure safety device
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Glen 4 Burner Built in Glass Hob 1065 TR8.8

Glen Glass Hob 1065 TRAffordable

  • 4 Burners Kitchen Hob
  • 8 mm thick toughened black glass
  • Durable and sturdy cast iron pan
  • auto ignition integrated
  • sleek and stylish design
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Hindware Ensemble Elisa Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove9.1

Hindware Ensemble Elisa Glass Top Value for money

  • 3 powerful brass burners
  • Toughened glass
  • Enamel coated drip trays
  • Cast iron square pan supports
  • Sleek appearance
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Faber Glass Mild Steel Hobtop Imperia 603 BR9.2

Faber Glass, Mild Steel Hobtop Imperia 603 BRpremium quality

  • Triple ring burner
  • 8mm toughened glass
  • Heavy duty cast iron pan supports
  • Higher efficiency gas consumption
  • Heat resistant knobs
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Prestige Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove8.4

Prestige Schott GlassBest slimmest cook-top

  • 03 burners for versatility and multitasking
  • World’s slimmest cooktop
  • Toughened Schott glass
  • Advanced one touch auto-ignition
  • Sabaf burners
  • Provides uniform heating
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Glen 1022 SQ HT DB e16059148784528.8

Glen 1022 SQ HT DBBudget friendly

  • A 2 burner Glass Hob Top
  • Impact, heat and scratch resistant glass top
  • Double ring forged brass burner
  • Compact design
  • Auto-ignition
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What is the difference between a Kitchen Hob and a Gas Stove/Range?

Actually kitchen hob is a modern version of the traditional gas stoves with added benefits. These are generally built-in to the kitchen slabs and cannot be removed easily. It looks very stylish and is a bit expensive than the ordinary gas stoves. Since it is fixed, it is sturdier, saves a lot of space while making your kitchen look clean and chic.

The kitchen hobs comparatively compact, effortlessly manageable, and effectual when compared to the customary gas stove.

Hence, if you want to purchase an ultimate cooking medium for the kitchen and require using the counter space effectually, we would recommend you to opt for the kitchen hobs that are more sophisticated and hands-on when compared to the gas ranges or stoves present in the market.

Quick Tips and Precautions for using Kitchen Hobs

Now, let us check some of the useful tips and precautions that everyone must know while installing, using or cleaning a kitchen hob.

  • When lighting the burner, open the gas valve and turn on the relevant knob.
  • Turn the gas stove upside down & fit the rubber grommets into place.
  • Always suggested to clean the kitchen hob burners using soap (or liquid washer) and water.
  • Always close the cylinder valve using dust caps when the kitchen hob is not in use.
  • Do not allow your children to play with the kitchen hob or other items while cooking.
  • Remove all parts of the burner and cooktop and soak them in a hot water with dish soap while cleaning the burner surfaces.
  • In case of any challange, do contact the servicing authorities for necessary action.


In today’s modern modular kitchen, kitchen hobs are an absolute must-have appliance with numerous benefits. The modern kitchen looks smart and edgy with built-in hobs into the kitchen slab. It saves a lot of space to keep the kitchen counter clean and chic. 

As the kitchen hob lasts for a long time, you need to consider various factors like no of burners, auto-ignition feature, flame protection, material quality, and finally the price.

Elica 4 Italian Brass Burner Cooktop Hob Auto Ignition is Our top recommendation. This is one of the best kitchen hob in India market because of its excellent feature, superior performance and reliable brand name.

So, which one do you prefer the most? Auto-ignition or No. of Burners? Brand or Performance?