Top 3 Best Fuel Cards in the USA

We are listing the best fuel cards you can have in handy at the pump,

Do you know where can you as an owner-operator can save massive amounts of money?
Yes, there is a place where you can save massive amounts of money, that is fuel expenses. You might be thinking how?
The answer to that question is a fuel card, use it to save 3cents to 45cents per gallon depending on the fuel card you chose.
This article provides a list of the best fuel card for owner-operators in the USA, that you can use at the petrol stations, for tire repairs, maintenance, lodging or getting supplies, etc.
In this article, we will find which are the 3 most outstanding fuel cards in the USA, which provide maximum savings.
As a truck operator if you have multiple tracks you can save a maximum of $7000 a month on fuel charges if you use fuel cards. If your organization buys more than 1,000 gallons of fuel every month, you can save a lot of money using a fuel card.
The below-listed cards will provide you with the best-in-class discounts at fuel stations, trucker stops, convenience stores, etc.

1: TCS Fuel Card for Truckers

TransConnect Services (TCS) provides industry-leading fuel cards for owner-operators/truckers/fleet owners.TCS has a grand reward program-controlled and secured through their fuel cards.

TCS fuel helps owner-operators/ truckers to get an average discount of 35cents per gallon on diesel fuel while pumping it into their vehicles. TCS fuel card enables you to earn more, and be compliant with fuel pricing norms of the US states.
Truckers/ owner-operators set the parameters of the TCS card and use it securely in various in-network locations. There are over 1000 in-network locations all over the USA.
Owner-operators or drivers get the industry’s best rewards and discounts by using this card. To use the card simply swipe and enter the details at a diesel pump or a truck stop.
You can set the parameters for your use cases. Set up a care plan that works for your drivers and your circumstances.

TCS cards are special totally customizable fuel cards for our owner-operator trucker buddies. They have levelled the playing field for small to mid-size trucking companies through exceptional discounts, service, and technology.

These features make the TCS Fuel card best for owner-operators. let’s see the pros and cons of this TCS fuel card.


  • Savings of up to 35 to 40 ¢ per gallon
  • Cost Plus Discount model (means more discounts)
  • cost-plus discounts at 1100 locations across the United States
  • Tires and Service discounts at all TA Petro service centres
  • Fuel card programs customized to your business.
  • $0.00 transaction fees for all in-network fuel transactions and $3.00 for all out-of-network transactions
  • Free access to the TCS Mobile App and TCS client website for 24/7 account management, card maintenance (activate/deactivate cards, set purchase limits, etc.), issue checks, view payments & statements, view transaction reporting, and much more
  • Free access to 24/7 customer service
  • Free Fuel Finder to locate the best fuel prices in your area or along your route


  • Nil


TCS fuel cards are accepted in 1100 locations and 8000 truck stops in the USA. Overall sentiment about the card is positive, Drivers/truckers can enjoy handsome discounts using the card about 35cents to 45cents at the diesel pump, or during maintenance and upkeep of their equipment.
TCS fuel card for truck drivers provides the best savings at gasoline stations, truck stops, service centres, workshops, paint jobs, etc making it the top best fuel card for owner-operators.
TCS fuel card is easy to set up, very affordable, without hidden charges, simple to use, and provides a ton of savings. It cates to the need of small business owners helping them to customize their fuel fills and save tons of money. TCS also exposes you to a reward program while doing maintenance and upkeep, tire changes, lodging, buying supplies and using the supermarket, etc.
But you need to search and locate the in-network gas stations or truck stops that take the card en route to enjoy superior discounts. You can use the TCS fuel finder app in Android/IOS to find gas stations and truck stops that give you discounts.

2 -RTS Fuel Card for Truckers

RTS Financial is a factoring company that offers liquidity/working capital solutions for mainly trucking and oilfield services. RTS Financial has launched the RTS Fuel Card, which promises a saving of 25¢ per gallon of diesel.

RTS fuel card tries to level the playing field for small fleets and owner-operators by giving big discounts only large fleets get.

Below are the pros and cons of the RTS fuel card:


  • 25¢ per gallon average saving
  • Bundled with a fuel card you get Pro Transport (trucking software) access
  • Free credit reports
  • Other discounts (maintenance, discounts on tires, tax services, lodging, document scanning, etc )
  • Discounts at Pilot Flying J, Speedway locations
  • Factoring and fuel card combo
  • Offers weekly credit lines to individual trucks
  • Additional savings at some partner fuel stations
  • No contract or annual fees


  • In-network locations are very few, only 2000


RTS Financial is committed to supplying small businesses with the capital they need.
RTS’ best benefits are offerings like same-day funding, zero hidden fees, fuel discounts, and high advance rates.

The in-network locations that accept this card are few compared with its competitors, which is one thumb down for any review.

3- Pilot Flying J Cards for Truckers

Pilot Flying J cards (Axel) provide a lot of rewards, loyalty benefits, and discounts on fuel and trucker assistance services.

Unlike other companies in the fuel card industry, Pilot Flying J has made getting an Axle Fuel card relatively quick and painless. Their aim is to make the process of using fuel for truckers/owner-operators as easy as possible.

Axel’s in-network locations include Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers, the One9 Fuel Network, and Pilot Flying J Truck Care Service Centers.

Is the Pilot Flying J card worth buying?  We’ll deeply dive into card benefits, what customers think and what kind of customer it’s best for?


  • The Axle card offers a 3% cashback (about 12c/gallon when gas costs $4) this allows flexible payment terms.
  • An extra loyalty point/gallon at Pilot and Flying J locations, or two extra loyalty points/gallon at One9 Fuel Network locations.
  • Savings at Pilot Flying J Truck Care
  • Axel cardmembers get a $30 discount on tires and service
  • Axel cardmembers get a ten per cent discount on Service Center fees,
  • Axel cardmembers waived the callout fee on roadside service.


  • Very low no of in-network locations


We in the process of reviewing the Pilot flying J Axel card have searched the internet for positive and negative reviews. We feel the Axel card is a good contender for the best fuel cards when it comes to savings on fuel, care, truck-related, and other purchases.

Because the Axel card’s cashback is a percentage cost, the card gets you more cashback when fuel is expensive.

Axel cards are transparent about their fees. There is very little turnaround time for business owners to access the cards and have their fleets using them.

One of the biggest limitations for Axel Fuel Card is that its in-network locations are few and far between.

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