Best Exercise Cycle India, 2022

For your ease, of your home gym investment, we have curated the top best exercise cycle in India.

All these cycles are selected after a detailed review of the models. There is also a buying guide that you can refer to for a wise purchase.

Each Exercise cycle shown here is completely reviewed by our experts to give you a list of the Best Exercise Cycle that is now available in India so that you can easily select from one of them according to your need.

9 Best Brands of Exercise Cycle in India




Sparnod Fitness SAB-05

Air Bike

Kobo Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel

Spin Bike

Reach Classic   Exercise Cycle

Recumbent Bike

Cockatoo CXB-05 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike

Upright Bike

Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Air Bike

PowerMax Fitness BS-150

Spin Bike

Welcare WC1544

Recumbent Bike

FITNESS WORLD Eazy Bike for Home

Upright Bike

Cardio Max JSB HF175 Fitness Bike

Air Bike

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Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike#Rank1

  • Max User Weight: 100 Kg
  • Console: LCD
  • Mechanism: Belt Driven
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<a href=

Kobo Exercise Spin Bike#Rank2

  • Max User Weight: 120 Kg
  • Console: LCD
  • Mechanism: Belt Driven
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<a href=

Reach Classic Recumbent Bike#Rank3

  • Max User Weight:100 Kg
  • Console: LCD
  • Mechanism: Belt Driven
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<a href=

Cockatoo CXB-05 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike#Rank4

  • Max User Weight: 110 Kg
  • Console: Belt Driven
  • Mechanism: Belt Driven
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<a href=

PowerMax Fitness BS-150 Exercise Spin Bike#Rank5

  • Max User Weight:110 Kg
  • Console: LCD
  • Mechanism: Belt Driven
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<a href=

Welcare WC1544 Recumbent Exercise Bike#Rank6

  • Max User Weight: 100 Kg
  • Console: LCD
  • Mechanism: Belt Driven
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<a href=


  • Max User Weight: 100 Kg
  • Console: LCD
  • Mechanism: Belt Driven
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<a href=

Cardio Max JSB HF175 Fitness Bike#Rank8

  • Max User Weight: 100 Kg
  • Console: LCD
  • Mechanism: Belt Driven
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Review of the Best Exercise Cycle in India

Above are the best exercise cycle in India. If you are in a hurry on making the exercise cycle purchase decision, you need to just select among the above 4 best models.

An in-depth review of the same is given in this article. You can refer to it before making a purchase decision.

We will also see the best brands of exercise cycles that are popular and of good quality selling in India. There is a detailed Exercise Cycle Buying Guide given in this article if you need to know more about Exercise Cycles or Exercise Bikes.

Do not miss to check it and read the article till the end.

This detailed article is made for Exercise Cycles for Home Use or Exercise Cycle for Home Gym.

A cycling machine is the best when considering home exercise.

Cycling is one of the best forms of cardio workout that can tone your muscles, increase stamina, and burn fat.

There are many merits of cycling over other forms of workouts like running, equipment training, intensive workout sessions, etc.

The effect of cycling does not strain your limbs and is advisable for any age group of people.

For a visible effect on your body, you just have to spend 45 minutes on a cycling machine.

Apart from physical strength it also enhances your mood and is a good energy lifter.

There are 4 Types of Exercise Cycles in India – Top Pick in each category is given below.

1. Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Gym

Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home Gym - Dual Action for Full Body Workout (Setting for Moving/Stationary Handles) - Adjustable...

The spared fitness Air Bike have Double activity handlebars that move back and forward to target chest area muscles (like a circular cross coach). Accelerating targets lower body muscles. The handles can likewise be set to fixed mode.

Pressure regulator handle permits change of opposition level in this manner offering various degrees of exercise force. The seat of this exercise centre cycle is agreeable and its tallness can be changed.

The backrest offers help to the back while working out. The foot pedals have locks to try not to slip off the foot. This upstanding fixed bicycle has a hostile to slip wide base for better strength.


  • Variable Workout Intensity
  • Digital Monitor
  • Mobile Holder
  • Pedal with strap
  • Easily Activity Trackable.


  • NIL


Productive plan joining a fan to give fitting protection from movement. The machine is likewise outfitted with X-coach handlebars for the chest area and complete cardio exercise.

2. Kobo Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel

Kobo Exercise Spin Bike with Steel Wheel (Imported)

Kobo wellness turn bicycle is experimentally intended to accomplish flawlessness viewing upper just as lower body exercises. It’s anything but an optimal machine to accomplish your cardiovascular targets and exercise objectives in a free from any and all harm way.

Kobo guarantees that working out on this machine won’t negatively affect your knees and joints. The pressing factor can be directed by the inclination of the client. The seat is movable and agreeable.

The machine is planned in such a way, that it capacities easily and quietly. Routinely working out on this machine will assist you with conditioning your muscles and consuming superfluous fat.


  • Powerful Frame
  • Digital Monitor
  • Mobile Holder
  • Two ways rotation
  • Belt driven


  • The seat is a Bit Smaller


It is an excellent spin bike for indoor exercise with many Modes of Adjustment. The machine is exceptional to suit the prerequisites of individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes.

3. Reach Classic Recumbent Bike Exercise Cycle | Exercise Bike with Back Support Seat

Reach Classic Recumbent Bike Exercise Cycle

The Classic Recumbent Bike is an extraordinary elective machine for exercises at home because of its cardio + strength capacities and the solace it gives to your exercise.

Obstruction groups appended close to the handles give the alternative of utilizing this exercise centre machine for strength preparation.

One can situate whose separation from the control centre can be changed permits the exerciser to be protected, agreeable and furthermore work out in the position that feels best for them. Permits a safe exercise for the entire body.


  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • LCD Monitor
  • Wheel for Easy Movement
  • 8 Level Magnetic Resistance
  • Tablet Holder


  • The seat is a Bit Smaller.


It is an Excellent  Recumbent bike with a Comfortable seat, pulse monitoring is accurate. Pedals are comfortable with a good grip.

4. Cockatoo CXB-05 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike

Cockatoo CXB-05 Smart Series Foldable X-Bike with 8 Level Manual Tension, Exercise Bike

This Foldable Workstation Bike gives you the choice to sit or stand. Digital Monitor: Tracking your advancement is basic with the computerized screen. Showing your time, speed, distance and calories, you will actually want to see your outcomes to keep you inspired and on pace.

Adjustable Resistance, Switch up the power of your exercise with the helpful pressure handle. With a basic wind, you can increment or abatement resistance. Cushioned Seat To make your more drawn-out meetings as agreeable as could be expected.

the Upright bicycle comes equipped with a cushioned seat and seatback. This additional cushioning remembers pressure purposes of sitting and tail bones and eases the “nodding off feeling” when dissemination is cut off.

Self-Levelling Pedals Textured non-slip foot pedals will oblige all sizes while remaining grasp to guarantee safe balance during the most requesting lively exercises.


  • Smart Calculator
  • LCD Monitor
  • Foldable
  • Noiseless


  • Not very Sturdy.


It’s the best cycle in the segment, it also includes a knob that increases the resistance as if we are cycling on hilly terrain. 

5. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle With Moving Handles & Adjustable Cushioned Seat

This adaptable REACH Air Bike permits you to have a curved and chest area exercise in one machine. The bicycle’s ergonomic plan draws in your arms and chest area for a genuine full-body exercise by focusing on cardio and strength preparation.

This Exercise Cycle Bike consolidates belt opposition innovation with unequalled toughness and execution, permitting you to arrive at your maximum capacity in the solace of your own home.

Worked to convey a low effect, yet testing, complete body cardio exercise.


  • Dual workout option
  • Pedal With Strap
  • LCD Monitor
  • Resistance Knob


  • Has some frictional sound at high Resistance mode.


It’s the best Air bike in the segment, The air bike is very good at this price point and the build quality is sturdy.

6.PowerMax Fitness BS-150 Exercise Spin Bike

PowerMax Fitness Exercise Spin Bike with Flywheel (BS-150, 10 Kg, Black)

The norm in-home wellness! PowerMax Fitness BS-150 Home Use Group/Spin Bike gives the entirety of the necessities for an astounding cycling exercise alongside everything at-home wellness aficionados could want.

Their completely flexible seat and movable handlebars give a totally adjustable encounter to extreme client solace and similarity.

The hardcore steel casing and wrench add fundamental quality and strength to take care of business, regardless of your wellness objectives.


  • Adjustable Seat.
  • Pedal With Strap
  • LCD Monitor
  • Resistance Knob


  • Small Seat.


The bike is compact and fits into a small space. You can adjust the height of the handle, the height of the seat and even the seat can be adjusted back and forth. The mobile and bottle holder at the top is very handy and useful.

7. Welcare WC1544 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Welcare WC1544 Recumbent Exercise Bike with Pulse Monitor and LCD Display

Watch out for your speed, time, distance, and calories with this huge LCD window screen. What’s more, with Priority Display, you can choose which information you need to observe intently.

Amplify your exercise with a definitive instrument: pulse preparing. An inherent, double grasp screen keeps you in your objective zone for better, quicker outcomes.

In addition, this bicycle is Bluetooth viable; remote pulse ties are sold independently.


  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • LCD Monitor
  • Wheel for Easy Movement
  • 8 Level Magnetic Resistance
  • Tablet Holder


  • NIL.


The Welcare exercise cycle is a very good buy. It works perfectly and is very easy on the back due to the seat backrest and the product is worth the money.

8. FITNESS WORLD Eazy Bike for Home and Gym

FITNESS WORLD Eazy Bike for Home and Gym | 8 Level Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike With Anti-Skid Pedals, Adjustable Foot Strap

With the enormous LCD screen and fixed meter work on the upscale control centre, you can easily follow your speed, distance, time, and calories copied, and screen your heartbeat rate.

Foldable, lightweight and ergonomic X-plan, makes for an agreeable encounter while guaranteeing versatility and working with the simplicity of capacity and association of your space.

To guarantee solace, legitimate stance and backing your spine while working out, the Eazy Bike is furnished with a padded seat and backrest that can likewise be collapsed to save space. You can likewise change the seat stature with the turning handle beneath it.


  • Solid steel construction.
  • Anti-skid Base
  • Adjustable Pedals
  • LCD Monitor
  • Noiseless


  • NIL


Built quality seems quite premium to touch and quite sturdy on use. Stability is great.

9. Cardio Max JSB HF175 Fitness Bike

Cardio Max JSB HF175 Fitness Bike for Home Gym

Cardio Max JSB HF175 Fitness Bike for Home Gym Orbitrac Cycle Multifunctional Exercise is a home use practice cycle for weight reduction.

Its minimized and space-saving plan allows it to fit on any edge of the house and one can without much of a stretch stack and store it. It is outfitted with 8 levels attractive strain regulator so you can pick your power of activity.


  • Mobile Holder
  • Seat adjustable knob.
  • Pedal With Strap
  • LCD Monitor
  • Resistance Knob


  • Has some frictional.


It’s the best Air bike in the segment, The air bike is very good at this price point and the build quality is sturdy.

Difference between Exercise Bike & Exercise Cycle

“EXERCISE CYCLE” and “EXERCISE BIKE” are the same.

Exercise Bike / Exercise Cycle Buying Guide

Exercise cycles have become very common in homes nowadays. This is considered as the best alternative to the gym and outdoor workouts.

You find lots of advertisements online and on print media, but selecting the right one is a tedious task as there are several brands in the market.

People generally have very little knowledge of how to choose the right exercise cycle.

Not all types of exercise cycles suit everyone. This detailed, “Exercise Cycle Buying Guide” is intended to make your buying decision the best.

There are several advantages of Exercise bikes over treadmills or gym workouts. If you want to shed down your extra pounds this equipment is a great boon.

In this buying guide, we will discuss the advantages of Exercise Cyclestypes of exercise cyclesfeatures of Exercise Bike that you have to look into before you buy, if you go through the buying guide till the end, we guarantee you that you can make the right purchase at your given budget.

So make a point to finish reading the Best Exercise Cycle in India Buying Guide.

On a brief side, you can expect a basic exercise cycle version having basic features like options of workout resistance and minimum programming options.

The higher the quality, you can get exercise cycles that are more sturdy, makes less noise, and have more accurate workout details and programs.

Also with higher models, you get a longer warranty and many resistance levels to increase the difficulty of your workouts.

Above all you should know what features you require for your workout programs.

Firstly, you should be clear on the benefits of the Exercise Cycle, is this the right fit for you.

What are the benefits of using an exercise cycle?

are on work. This apart from burning your calories and building muscles increases your cardio strength. Ultimately you can have increased stamina and healthy lungs.

For a cardio workout, how much time one has to spend on the exercise cycle – you just have to spend around 45 minutes, 5 times a week, to have a guaranteed visible result. The result of cycling is going to be shown starting from the third week. As with any form of exercise, consistency does matter here also.

You will have increased positive energy, and heightened stamina, if you follow this 45 minutes workout schedule for 3 weeks.

Cardio exercise on an exercise cycle will help you on preparing for marathons, where increased cardio fitness and endurance are required. A good cardiovascular system is highly beneficial in the following ways:

  1. It increases the supply of oxygen to the blood
  2. It increases the supply of energy to the body
  3. Reduces the risk of stroke
  4. Reduces the chances of disease
  5. It lowers your blood pressure

Cardio training on a static bike can help you prepare for marathons or just help you deal better with daily demands. A healthy cardiovascular system increases the supply of oxygen to your blood and the supply of energy to your body. It helps reduce your risk of stroke and disease and can lower blood pressure.

Strengthening of Legs

When working out from home, Exercise Cycle and Treadmill are the best options for leg strengthening.

Also, cycling is considered the best exercise for people who wanted to avoid leg injuries. This is extremely good for people who suffer from knee pain. Exercise cycle use creates a very low impact on knees, in comparison to running on a treadmill or in that case running itself.

When you are cycling on an exercise bike, your front of the thighs (quadriceps), hamstrings (back of the thighs), calves and hip flexors (bottom of your stomach) are engaged, giving you a good lower body workout.

Strengthening of Upper Body

Not all exercise cycles facilitate movement of the upper body, in turn strengthening it.

If you use an exercise cycle that has moving handles, which is more common with the type of exercise cycle – Air Bike and Elliptical Bikes, you can have upper body work out also. Other forms of exercise cycles are meant for leg exercise and cardio exercise.

Cycling for Weight Loss

As told earlier you can shed your excess fat by cycling.

By doing a workout for 30 minutes on your Exercise Cycle at the speed of around 17mph, you can burn 500 calories a day.

This is amazing, right?

But we recommend not to overdo cycling. Consistency gives you a better result.

Once you are done with cycling you can try other forms of ground exercise or yoga, to have a low impact workout.

If you are already fit, you can go with your normal high-intensity training. If you don’t want to get into any other forms of workout, then to it’s fine.

For a good result, keep a watch on your diet also. Eat healthily, avoid sugary products, avoid oily food, and make your dinner simple. These three steps can burn your calories even faster.

Enhance Cycling as a Sport

There is some difference in the riding style and comfort when using an outdoor cycle and an indoor stationary bike. If you love cycling as a sport, the exercise cycle helps you to monitor your performance, style, and endurance.

During bad weather, this saves your practice session.

When you use a stationary cycle you are in a controlled environment. This can help to improve and track your fitness and techniques.

Cycling is a Low Impact Exercise

Cycling using an Exercise cycle could save your knees from the stress that is popular when running or jumping.

If your exercise bike is properly set up then the pressure is taken off of the knees and ankles. This makes it the best alternative to higher impact activities like running.

But that does not mean that cycling is injury-free completely. Overuse of cycling can lead to injury. So it’s better to have a routine and be consistent than cycling in a day. Always, slow and steady wins the race.

Convenience of Use

All exercise cycles in India are compact in design. You don’t require a huge space to keep it. You can keep it where ever you want – in your living room, balcony, bedroom or your home gym. And most of them do not require electricity for use.

You can watch your TV while cycling, hear a podcast, or listen to your favourite music while cycling.


Exercise bikes are very much cost-effective in comparison to buying a Treadmill in India.

The average price of a good Exercise Cycle is Rs.10,000, whereas you have to pay Rs.20,000 for a good Treadmill in India.

When compared to going to Gym, wherein in India the standard monthly fee is Rs.3000, and have to pay for 1 year, Rs.36000, here you are paying approximately just Rs.10000.

Now you know the benefits of Exercise Cycles. So we will come down to the point, of which type of exercise cycle you should buy. There are many types of Exercise Cycles, each having aimed for a different purpose. Before going into it, you should be clear on what you need.

Factors to be clear before selecting the type of exercise cycle

We recommend you to consider mainly four factors before your selection of the best exercise cycle in India. They are given below:

Your Workout Aim

You have to make yourself what workout intensity do you prefer. If you are a sports person, looking to improve your endurance, and need a longer duration of the workout, you have to go with a higher model. Spin Exercise Cycles are best for you here.

If you are a newbie on a workout regime, aiming to shed some fat, you can go with moderate level exercise cycles like an Airbike or Upright Exercise Cycle

If you wanted to work out your upper body and legs both, go for the exercise cycle that offers both workout features. The type for you is Air Bike and Elliptical Exercise Bikes.

If you have any medical condition, you need to have an exercise cycle that is comfortable to your back, the same goes for people with high blood pressure. In these types, you have to go for the Recumbent Exercise Cycle.

We will be discussing each type of these exercise bike in-depth soon.

Space Assigned for Exercise Cycle

Generally, everyone prefers a compact model of the exercise cycle. But some types like Recumbent Exercise Cycle and Elliptical Exercise Bike, require a bigger storage facility.

Some of the models require extreme less space.


We would strongly suggest fixing your budget. You can have some type of exercise bike at various prices, with the addition of some features, which may not be a necessity for you.

The price of the best exercise cycle in India starts from Rs.6000 and goes up to Rs.1,25,000.

Exercise cycles for medical conditions people – Recumbent Exercise Cycle and the model for Sports Person – Spin Bike are costly. Other variants – Air Bike, Upright Bike, and Elliptical Bike, can be obtained at the price range of Rs. 6000 to Rs.20000.

Generally, with quality – good built, features and type price goes up.

Fix your budget…

Extra Features Required or Not

Basic models may not have any additional features than required for cycling. High-end models may have features like a large LCD display, programmable workout options, Bluetooth connectivity features, fitness app synchronization, etc.

What is important is good quality built, low machine resistance to wear and tear, less noise, durability, and easy maintenance.

We suggest having a good brand exercise cycle under your budget with the highest features, depending on your workout requirement.

Types of Exercise Cycle in India

As explained earlier, you should be knowing what type of exercise bike you have to buy depending on your requirements. Best exercise cycles in India are available in the following types.

After going to the types of exercise bikes you will be able to choose the best that suits you.

Upright Exercise Bike or Static Exercise Bike

Upright or Static Exercise Bike is the most commonly found exercise bike model in India.

As the name suggests here you sit in an upright position similar to a regular shopper bicycle.

These are comparatively cheap, entry-level exercise cycles. This is a nice type of exercise cycle for home use. If you are looking for a compact model, that does not take much space, this is the right model for you. These exercise cycles are good for muscle toning and are good for a cardio workout.

Features of Upright Exercise Cycle
  1. You sit in Upright Position
  2. Similar to Road Side Cycle
  3. Most Popular from among Home Gym Cycle

Recumbent Exercise Cycle

The recumbent Exercise Cycle features a workout similar to that of an Upright Exercise Cycle. But here it has the feature that allows you to sit in a position that supports your back.

This provides lots of comfort to your body. The seat of a Recumbent Exercise Cycle resembles that of a chair, rather than a saddle.

This type of exercise cycle is recommended for people who are recovering from a back injury or knee pain. This is recommended for people with high blood pressure and senior citizens who need to work out in a comfortable position and does not want to strain their body much. The exercise effect is more concentrated on lower abdominal muscles when in comparison to an upright exercise cycle.

Features of Recumbent Exercise Cycle
  1.  This exercise bike has a bucket seat.
  2. Pedals are out in front of you.
  3. Best for someone having health issues, aged people, or having high blood pressure.
  4. This is the easiest cycling exercise equipment.

Spin Bike or Studio Bike

Spin Bike or Studio Bikes are best for people who do regular workouts and are preparing for a sports event. Spin Bike features more range of resistance levels, that can be adjusted as per your physical capability. The higher resistance level replicates cycling difficulty on hilly terrain. This is the indoor cycling bike recommended for cycling competition enthusiasts.

These are best if you plan to have rigorous workout sessions. And this is the bike that you find commonly used in gyms. The price of the Spin Bike is higher in comparison to an Upright Exercise Cycle and Air Bike, but lesser than Recumbent Exercise Bike.

Features of Spin Bike
  1. This is similar to a mountain bike.
  2. Commonly found in gyms
  3. Best for group workouts like in the gym
  4. Best for Sports training

Air Bikes or Fan Bikes

Air bike or Fan Bikes is another common exercise cycle used in homes in India.

These types of bikes feature two moving handles, though some of the models in India have stationary handles (to reduce the price). The handles are upright almost at chest level, which can be moved back and forth. There is a large fan of the resistance of the workout. The fan is driven by the speed and the power of the pedals of the exercise cycle. The harder you pedal harder the resistance becomes.

This model of an exercise bike is very common in cross fit gyms.

One advantage of working out with an Air Bike is the upper body workout. Along with pedalling, you are also using the handles for exercise, which makes many workout lovers favourite choices of the exercise cycle. This is ideal for HIIT style training.

The price of an Air Bike is cheap. It is the most cost-effective cycling machine that you can buy in India.

Features of Air Bike
  1. Air bike is a stationary bike 
  2. It has two handles that move back and forth.
  3. Also has a fan that is driven by the speed and power of the pedals.
  4. Air bikes do not have preset electronic programs.
  5. It has a manual resistance level that can be adjusted.

Interactive or Smart Exercise Bike

Interactive or Smart Exercise Cycle is exercise cycle that come with beautiful additional features of inbuilt screens and features a wide range of apps or programs. This is more commonly found with a Spin Bike and Recumbent Bikes. These featured programs could be interactive cycling classes or group cycling apps. Some of the smart bikes have preset programs, which automatically increase and decrease the resistance or difficulty level as per the preset program.

They are very expensive in India. But if you can afford one, your home cycling could be a fun-filled activity.

Mini Exercise Bike

These are small variations of an exercise bike. They just have a seat and pedals. It does not have a neck or handlebars. They are small and can be placed even under a table. This is very cheap in India. We don’t recommend it as many of the users just stopped cycling due to a lack of comfort.

Now, you would have to be familiar with the types of exercise cycles in India. Depending on your fitness goal select the exercise bikes.

For your assistance we have further explained it.

You should be able to identify the best exercise cycle model after reading it.

Best Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss

Both Upright Exercise Cycle and Air Bikes can be bought if your intention is just to weight loss exercise.

Most of them come with a display that monitors your speed, calories burned, and timing. Some of them come with a heart rate monitor also.

This will keep you motivated and keeps your track of your workout.

The price of both types is also nominal in India. If you choose an Air Bike it also facilitates the upper body workout also. You can adjust the resistance level depending on the difficulty level you prefer as you progress in cycling. Some of them come with exercise programs that include interval training.

Upright Exercise Cycle and Air Bikes are also compact gym equipment for home use. So if you are short of space in your home, there is nothing much to be worried about.

They come with a large flywheel. The seats are generally padded and comfortable. The resistance is built by electromagnetic resistance. Also, these exercise cycles come with clear warranties and return policies.

The weight capacity of these exercise cycles comes between 100 Kg to 120 Kg. Make sure you are using the exercise cycle within the maximum weight capacity.

Best Exercise Cycle for Event Training

If you are a cycling enthusiast and training for a cycling event. The best type is Spin Exercise Bike.

They are a true alternative to cycling outdoors. You could use it anytime for practice irrespective of the weather. Also, you could monitor your performance effectively by the monitors that come along with it.

It allows your practice for racing posture, racing style, sprint, interval training, or any new techniques of cycling.

Best Exercise Cycle for Group Training or Gym Training

Spin Bikes are commonly used for group training. These can be used along with a coach for high-intensity interval workouts similar to that of a gym.

You can use different resistance levels, and change seat positions to ensure that the workout is challenging. Some of the Spin Bikes use heavy flywheels. And the handlebars and seats are fully adjustable to offer you a good riding position.

When you are buying for this purpose ensure that the flywheel size is a minimum 20Kg to provide a smooth riding experience. Also, check whether there is an emergency stop braking feature.

Check the maximum user weight capacity of the cycle also. It should be within the range of your weight.

Best Exercise Cycle for Injury Recovery or People with Physical Ailments

Recumbent bikes are the best for people who wanted to do cycling during the injury recovery period, people with health conditions like high blood pressure, people with back pain or with knee pain, and good for elderly people.

The seats of the Recumbent Cycle provide good rest for your lower back. And it is a low impact workout. It also gives you a better posture than upright or Air Bike cycling. Your knees and ankles also face much lesser weight impact with a Recumbent Exercise Cycle.

There will be a wide range of exercise programs that you can select while exercising like interval training. Most of them come with responsive heart rate programs.

They generally have a very sturdy body and are very stable.

Go through the maximum user weight guidelines and ensure you buy within your weight.

They are expensive compared to other types.

Features You Should Know Before Buying Exercise Bike

1. Flywheel & Resistance of Exercise Cycle

The flywheel is the part that rotates when you pedal. This flywheel gives resistance to your pedalling. As in cycles, you have wheels, in exercise cycles you have flywheels.

When you pedal, the flywheel gains momentum and starts rotating.

The heavier the flywheel the better the exercise cycle is. For any standard, the exercise cycle flywheel should be above 7 Kg. And for high performing higher models the weight goes even beyond 20 Kg.

The foldable exercise cycle uses lower weight flywheels like 7 Kg.

Resistance to the Exercise Cycle

There are three types of resistance that are offered on best exercise cycle. They are mechanical resistance, magnetic resistance and air resistance.

We will see the types using each of this resistance one by one.

Mechanical Resistance in Exercise Bike

In exercise cycles that use mechanical resistance, the direct contact of the pedal with the flywheel creates friction and in turn the resistance. This resistance can be increased or decreased manually. Usually, these types of cycles have a knob to adjust the resistance level.

There could be a band or belt that goes around the flywheel or a brake pad or similar that produces the friction.

Mechanical Resistance in Exercise Bikes

This type of resistance is most commonly used in the manufacture of exercise cycles in India. Here there are magnets that are used in different positions to change the resistance level.

The resistance changes can be made using buttons on the console.

Magnetic resistance is excellent for heart rate control and pre-set workouts.

Air Resistance in Exercise Bikes

This type is mainly found in Air Bikes. Here as you are pedalling you are powering a fan that generates airflow. The faster you pedal the harder the resistance becomes giving you a tougher workout.

So, the resistance created, the air resistance is directly proportional to the speed of your pedalling. The one and the only way to lower the resistance in Air Bike is to pedal slower.

Monitor or Console

The monitor or console is the place where you do setting up your workout programs, and track your workout progress. Most the Exercise Cycles in India are equipped with a monitor that gives track of your speed, distance of cycling, calories burned, and time. Some advanced monitors provide heart monitoring also.

Basic models are enabled with digital monitors and higher the progression of the brand of exercise cycle you will get LCD monitors and may even have colour screens.

This monitoring facility really helps to keep your motivation and complete your preassigned workout goal of the session.

Design of the Bike

Though design should not be the primary factor when selecting an exercise bike, a well-designed exercise cycle can create pride in you. On the design side, we would say that Spin Bikes and Recumbent Bikes have given consideration to the aesthetic styling of the exercise cycles. But this could increase your cost.

Seating Adjustments

Almost all exercise cycle has seat adjustment capability. Ensure that you cycle in a comfortable position as per your height. Do not strain your limbs or knees by using the wrong position. Too much bend on the knees is a wrong riding position that can cause injury in the long run. A similar goes to your spine too.

Handle Bar Adjustments

Any exercise cycle you buy should have a feature similar to that of seat adjustment. Ultimately riding position matters for the right workout.

Seat Comfortability

Most people prefer wide and well-cushioned seats. This helps in working out for a longer time. You don’t want your back to ache after a few minutes of workout, right? Many of the seats that come today can not only be adjusted vertically, it can also be adjusted horizontally.

Keep in mind that Spin Bikes have narrow seats, exactly similar to a racing cycle. Never expect too much comfort here, as the purpose of the spin bike is different, we had discussed it in depth.

Noise Level

A well-designed exercise cycle creates less noise. Noise is produced by the friction of pedalling that creates resistance. But it could be annoying if the noise pitch is high or irritable. Good models guaranteed produces less noise.

Quality of Construction

Your bike should be stable even at a high speed. For this sturdiness and stability is very important. A well-constructed bike is stable, and won’t wobble, even when you play around it at a high speed.

Warranty of the Exercise Cycle

Good exercise cycles in India provide a higher warranty. This warranty in India can range from 6 months to two years. If you expect to have heavy use with the exercise cycle, go for a higher warranty cycle, even if it costs on the higher side.

FAQs on the Best Exercise Cycle in India

What is the best exercise cycle for weight loss?

Uptight exercise cycles and Air Bikes are the best exercise cycle for weight loss. Both types of exercise cycles give you a good posture for a workout. They also come with preset programs that you can use for your exercise routine.
The upright exercise cycle mainly focuses on working out your legs, eventually burning out the fat. If you want upper body work out also go with Air Bikes coming with moving handles.

Consistency is the key to a cycling workout. Cycling is considered a low impact workout. This means, the chances of injury are very less. A 30-minute cycling workout can burn up to 500 calories.

What is the best exercise cycle for training for a cycling event?

If your consideration is for training purposes for a cycling competition, you should go with Spin Bikes. Spin bikes are similar to a sports cycles. You can monitor your speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned with the cycle. You can rectify your posture, test new techniques, and also do interval training.

Spin Bikes also feature many levels of resistance which is great for hill training. The large flywheel offers you a smooth and balanced training ride.

These will be extremely helpful for your cycling competition. You also don’t have to worry about bad weather with a Spin Bike at your home gym.

Does the exercise bike that I order come preassembled?

No, these are not assembled cycles. You have to do it yourself following the assembly guide. It is very easy if you follow the instructions. If you get stuck while assembling you can always contact customer support. 99% of people never face difficulty in the assembly of Exercise Cycles

What is the warranty of the exercise cycles?

Different companies provide a different warranties. Warranty starts from 6 months to a lifetime warranty. This depends on the manufacturer, the model, and the type of cycle you choose. Higher model Exercise Cycles generally come with a longer warranty.

What is the best exercise cycle for home use?

This depends on your exact needs. In general Upright and Air, Bikes are commonly preferred for home use and can offer good workout sessions. If you are a sports person and a cycling enthusiast, go for Spin Bikes. If you do have some medical conditions like knee pain, hip pain, suffer from high blood pressure or you are recovering from an injury, then go for Recumbent Exercise Cycles. This cycle offers you a bucket seat for your back, the impact on the knees with this type of exercise cycle is low.

The next factor you have to consider is your budget. Upright Exercise Cycles and Air Bikes are cheaper, while Spin Bike and Recumbent Bikes are costly. In India, you can buy an exercise cycle in the price range of Rs.6000 to Rs.1,00,000.

How much time should I exercise with an Exercise Cycle?

This entirely depends on your fitness level and your fitness goals. Health experts recommend doing a daily 30 minutes workout at least five times a week.
Since most stationary bikes are of low impact, it can be an injury-free workout along with a good calorie burn. A 30-minute workout can burn almost 500 calories of your fat.

In addition to cycling if you combine it with any other form of workout like Yoga, Cardio Exercise, etc you can burn out fast, after a cycling session, as your body is highly warmed up for any fitness activity. A simple skipping exercise for 10 minutes after cycling can burn lots of calories.
You should also not overdo cycling. Excess daily cycling can create a bad effect on your legs like knee pain, hip pain, etc.

An upright cycle can give you an excellent workout session. If you wish to work out your upper body also along with cycling, choosing a cycle with a moving handle is a good option. If you have any medical condition, use a Recumbent Exercise Cycle. If you are an athletic person we recommend buying a Spin Bike.

So everything depends on your fitness goal and fitness levels. And consistency is the key.

Can cycling cause knee injury?

Cycling is the best exercise for people who wanted to avoid knee injury and best for people who suffer from knee pain. This is because this is a low impact form of workout in comparison to running or jumping and other cardio activities. The stress on your knees is minimal while cycling.

Still taking precautions is a must. Never overdo any activity. Overdoing cycling can have a negative impact on your knee. Cycling is a repetitive motion, repeated action for an extremely long duration may create wear and tear to your muscles and knees.

We suggest start cycling speed for the first five minutes, then gradually increase your speed and resistance. Same slow speed and low resistance to be done while you are stopping your workout session. This s for the muscles to warm up and cool down.

During your workout session if you feel pain, start analyzing the cause first. Mostly this could be due to the wrong seat or handle adjustments, wherein your knee has to bend too much. Else it could be of overdoing. After doing necessary adjustments if the pain still persists, it is better to stop cycling and consult your physician.

How much does an exercise cycle cost in India?

The price of an exercise cycle varies depending on the type of exercise cycle and the brand. There are mainly four types of exercise cycles – Upright Exercise Cycle, Air Bike, Spin Bike, and Recumbent Bike. The price of the Upright Exercise cycle and Air Bike starts from Rs.6000, and on average, a good exercise cycle will cost you Rs.10000 or below approximately. Spin Bikes and Recumbent Bikes are expensive. The approximate price will be around Rs.20000 for a good model bike.

How much space is required for an exercise cycle?

The space required for an exercise cycle depends on the type of exercise cycle. Upright Exercise Cycle and Air Bikes consume much lesser space in comparison to a Spin Bike. A recumbent Bike may take more space.
Aiming for 0.5 meters in length and breadth in your space is sufficient for a Spin Bike or Upright Exercise Cycle or an Air Bike.

Since the Recumbent Exercise Cycle is of a reclined position, it will require approximately 1.6 meters to 2 meters in length.

Check the product dimension given in the model particulars while choosing the exercise cycle to avoid any ambiguities.

Is cycling for 30 minutes a day good?

Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise. You can reduce a lot of calories by cycling for 30 minutes. Studies have shown cycling for 30 minutes can burn calories approximately 500 calories. Consistency of cycling can give you good results in a month for weight loss or getting into shape. The best-recommended frequency os 30 minutes 6 days a week. If you can combine cycling with any other form of workout like Yoga, weight training, cardio workouts, games, etc. you can see a tremendous effect of body weight loss.

Can you lose belly fat by cycling?

Cycling can burn a good amount of calories. And this is a safe mode of workout as it puts very less pressure on joints. It can be done by people of any age too. To lose belly fat you have to have a mixed form of workout. By just doing crunches or sit-ups you can’t have a six-pack. First, you need a cardio workout that can burn excess fat in your body. Cycling is the best for it. If you combine cycling with any other form of workout, definitely you can see a huge reduction n belly fat. Cycling too much is not advisable as it may create injury to the knees. So if you want to lose belly fat combine cycling with another form of workouts. A workout regime that combines 30 minutes of cycling with even a simple form of exercise for 20 minutes can give you a good result. This is because after your cycling session your body is in a mode of burning calories, as the body is heated up, any extra activity can burn more calories.

Which exercise bike is best for daily use?

All exercise bikes are designed for daily cycling workouts. It doesn’t matter which one you buy considering the aspect of daily use.
For pro athletes, or who are already into daily workouts, spin bikes are recommended. For beginners, Upright Exercise Bike and Air Bikes are advisable. For aged people and people having medical issues, Recumbent Exercise Bikes are recommended.

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