Best Console Table in UAE, 2022

Console tables are furniture pieces which appear to be to be as old as the time they were made. they deserve to be placed as a central feature in every hallway.

In reality, it is well designed with a mirror, and a handful of photos, you’re pretty constrained when it comes down to designing your hallway.

Traditionally the table is placed on the side or directly in front of your door to create a seamless hallway.

It was once a place and is still a spot for some to connect the telephone and also to keep the small number book. It’s also a place to store your keys and magazines, as well as store any other items which don’t have an appropriate home elsewhere.

Fortunately, the square designs that are common in the houses of our grandparents are one that is deeply rooted in the present. 

Nowadays the level of detail that is put into the design of a console table is similar to a large table that has pride in its place in your dining space. 

Comparison of the Best Console Table

Pan Emirates Rennick Console Table

Pan Emirates Rennick Console Table#Rank1

  • COLOUR: Silver
  • BRAND: Pan Emirates
  • FRAME MATERIAL: Stainless steel
  • DIMENSION: 175 x 36 x 120 cm
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Lingwei Console Table

Lingwei Console Table#Rank2

  • COLOUR: Gold
  • DIMENSION: 80 x 40 x 75 cm
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Vanity  Console Table

Vanity Console Table#Rank3

  • COLOUR: Gold- Porto
  • BRAND: Vanity
  • DIMENSION: 120 x 40 x 78 cm
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Review of the Best Console Table

There are a variety of designs to choose from that range from traditional wood designs that provide the warmth and character you want as well to contemporary styles that will impress your guests right from the moment they enter the room.

Within our collection of most popular console tables for hallways, there are options for those who want to be stylish as well as space-conscious and minimalist and you’ll be able to discover the ideal furniture for your home.

1. Pan Emirates Rennick Console Table With Mirror

Pan Emirates Rennick Console Table With Mirror, Silver

Create a stunning first impression by taking your home to the Rennick Console Table. With a glass and metal design, the console is decorated with a mirror-like surface and a distinctive G-shaped base that adds a striking design to your living space.

The shimmery design will add a touch of glam. Together with an oblong mirror that matches The stunning duo adds the much-needed glamour and glitz to your home.


  • Uniq design
  • Silver glass finish
  • Premium quality


  • NIL

2. LINGWEI Console Table Gold Sofa Table

LINGWEI Console Table Gold Sofa Table

LINGWEI console tables have a wide range of possibilities but they tend to meet particular needs. When you’re in need of or require one, only a handful of options can fulfil your need and LINGWEI is an excellent option to buy.

Console tables come in various designs and styles, but typically, they are characterized by their dimensions. It is taller than a coffee table but smaller than a chest of drawers.

The average console table is approximately 30 inches high. These tables are usually designed to be used as a stand-alone pieces against a wall, or the back of the sofa.


  • Gold metal frame
  • Marble top finish
  • Multiple uses


  • NIL

3. VANITY LIVING Console Table

VANITY LIVING Console Table Modern Tempered Glass Top, Entryway Table Porto Gold Sturdy Stainless Steel Frame

This is one of the most elegant and sophisticated console tables we have ever seen. The frame is constructed of high-quality stainless steel with a tempered glass top.

The table is very well-made and sturdy, perfect for placing decorative items, a TV, or a computer. The sleek design and modern aesthetic of this table would make it a perfect addition to any home.


  • Modern design
  • Stainless steel design
  • Tempered glass top


  • NIL

Ultimate Console Table Buying Guide

Things to know before buying Console Table

Material used:

There are many options for console tables. The best material will depend on your style and how you use them.

Metal and solid wood console tables tend to be the most durable and easy-to-maintenance. Acrylic and glass console tables, on the other hand, will need a more gentle touch.

Solid wood and metal console tables are better if you move furniture often or need to rearrange it frequently.

Size of the Table

Although consoles are smaller than other tables they can still make a significant visual impact in space or blend into it.

You should pay close attention to the table’s depth when you are using an entryway or other small spaces. There are many options available that are less than 12 inches in height and can be adjusted to fit into tight spaces.

Console tables that are larger than 12 inches in height are best suited to foyers and living rooms. They can also be used as a desk, vanity or TV stand. Before you purchase, measure the space.

Storage Space

All console tables come with some storage. However, if you need more space, you can get drawers, shelves, or even cabinets.

You can also find slim options with no storage if you prefer to keep things simple, such as adding a lamp or plant to your console table.

If you need more space, such as to store books, you will need something larger. You should also consider this if you are looking for a multipurpose table or table that doubles as a desk.

In that case, a table with drawers without bottom shelves is best.

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