Best Baby Stroller – Pram [Buying Guide]

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Firstly, congratulations on having a lovely baby. You are searching for a baby stroller because you want your baby to experience the world around him.

But this could be a bit confusing on what to select.

A good stroller selection is like buying a car for your baby.

There are many aspects when you choose baby strollers. Some of them are terrain wheels, compatibility, ease of use, comfort, etc.

We had made the list of the best baby strollers after consulting many parents. Their experience with baby strollers and online reviews has ended up in the below list.

There is a buying guide on how to choose the best baby stroller which can aid you in your buying decision.

So let’s go through it in detail of the best baby stroller in India

What is the difference between a Stroller and a Pram?

The words”pram” and stroller” are generally used for the same meaning. A stroller frequently is known as a version that’s vertical in place & a pram describes a horizontal sleeping surface. Now, this gap doesn’t have any significance as all versions allow both these positions.

What age should you start using a stroller for your baby?

You can start using a stroller for your baby starting from 5 to 6 months. This time keep them in a slightly reclined seat position. 6 months old baby needs a new stimulus & taking them around in a stroller is the best means for it. As the baby’s neck gets strong you can take the baby around in a stroller reducing the recline of the seat. Strollers are recommended for babies of age between 6 months and 3 years.

Top Pick – Best baby stroller in India
top best baby stroller

Fisher-Price Steel Explorer

Stroller Cum Pram

Explorer stroller by Fisher-Price is beautifully designed to provide your baby a secure, comfy, and smooth ride outside.

The stroller is well-built using a sturdy framework and easy-to-move cushioned wheels and steers exceptionally well during your trip.

It’s also equipped with a simple anti-shock braking mechanism to get a comfortable movement.

A multi-position backrest and foot-rest recline system provide additional comfort to your infant and also make it perfect for relaxing or resting.

The stroller includes a comfortable cushioned seat and a simple access storage basket to hold the baby’s requirements.

05 Best Baby Stroller, India 2022

Top Ranke has selected the top 11 models of Baby Stroller available in India for your ease. You can use the comparison table below to make the right decision. All of these strollers are highly recommended products. A detailed review of these baby strollers is given after the comparison table.

Fisher-Price Steel Explorer9.5

Fisher-Price Steel Explorer

  • Material: Steel
  • Multi-position backrest
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • 5-Point Harness with shoulder pads
  • Strong 10 inch back wheel
  • All-terrain wheel
  • Lockable front-swivel wheels with suspension
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LuvLap Starshine Stroller/Pram8

LuvLap Starshine Stroller/Pram

  •  Material: Aluminium
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Carry
  • 3 position seat recline
  • Adjustable Foot Rest
  • Reversible handlebar – Allows baby to face parent while strolling
  • 3 Point Harness
  • 360° Front Wheel Swivel with lock & Rear wheel breaks.
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Little Pumpkin - the Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller9

Little Pumpkin – the Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller

  • Lightweight stroller
  • Easy to Carry
  • Front Wheel Suspension 
  • All-Terrain Wheels
  • 3 Position Recline
  • 5 Point Harness
  • Reversible Handle
  • One-hand fold mechanism
  • Carrying Capacity – 20 Kg
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LuvLap City Stroller Baby Pram9

LuvLap City Stroller Baby PramLightest

  • Easy fold
  • Compact Stroller
  • Economical
  • 360° Front Wheel Swivel & Rear wheel breaks
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Extended Double Layer Canopy
  • Carrying Capacity – 15 kgs
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Chicco Cortina CX Baby Stroller / Pram (Lava)10

Chicco Cortina CX Baby Stroller / Pram (Lava)Top Quality

  • Cradle Effect Seat delivers the same comfort as a cradle to your baby
  • 8 positions of backrest recliner
  • Memory Recline – Smart feature which remembers the backrest position of the stroller in which it was folded 
  • Maximum Weight – 22 Kg
  • Easy Folding
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Compatible with KeyFit: The #1 rated infant car seat in America.
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Top Brands of Baby Stroller – Pram in India

5 Best Brand of Baby Stroller in India
1. Fisher-Price Baby Stroller
2. LuvLap Baby Stroller
3. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller (Product of R for Rabbit)
4. Chicco Baby Stroller
5. R for Rabbit Baby Stroller

The above are the top 5 baby stroller by brands. If you are aware of the above brands then you can navigate to the appropriate section. All the brands mentioned above are prams of the top quality. They are currently available brands in India. A detailed guide on the best brands of baby strollers is given in the buying guide.


Review of the Top 11 Best Baby Stroller/Prams in India

1. Fisher-Price Steel Explorer Baby Stroller / Pram Review

Explorer stroller by Fisher Price was superbly designed to provide your baby a secure, comfy, and a smooth ride outdoors. The stroller is well-built with a sturdy framework and easy-to-move cushioned wheels and steers incredibly well during your trip. Sturdy double wheels on the front and additional large wheels at the back provide more stability and effortless maneuverability. It’s also equipped with a simple anti-shock braking mechanism for a secured movement. A multi-position backrest and foot-rest recline system are provided for added comfort to your baby and make it perfect for napping or relaxing. The stroller includes a comfortable padded seat and a simple to access storage basket to hold baby’s requirements. The adjustable canopy comes with a sun visor that protects your baby from damaging sun rays. Additionally, it has a zipper peekaboo window that enables you to monitor your baby while he is still protected from sunlight. A stylish, compact design. Highly trendy and durable design. Quick and compact fold. Foam cushioned handles for gentle grip. Single Plate Gravity mechanism. The canopy is foldable with a Peekaboo window and sun visor. Food tray. Storage basket to keep travelling essentials. Padded seat for additional comfort. The footrest is given for long sitting. It comes with an anti-shock mechanism. You get lockable front-swivel wheels with suspension. The wheels are sturdy twin wheels for extra stability. The back wheels is of 10 inches. This is perfect for infants from 0 months to 3 years.


  • Strong Frame made of Steel
  • Strong Double Front Wheels
  • 10 Inch Wheel on Rear
  • Foldable Canopy with Pikabo & Sun Visor
  • Antis Shock Mechanism
  • Compact Design
  • Padded Seat
  • Good carrying capacity


  • Since it uses a steel frame, it’s a bit heavy. Weight – 11.4Kg.

2. LuvLap Starshine Stroller / Pram Review

The stroller includes a reversible handlebar. The handlebar may be reversed allowing your baby to face you or confront whilst riding in the stroller. Infants love to observe the surrounding, but sometimes need to check at their parents when cranky or sleepy. Here the reversed side will help a lot. This Has an adjustable 3 Position Seat Recline. It is possible to easily maintain the chair upright, likely, or level depending on the infant’s mood. This means the baby can sit up, relax, or perhaps have a nap while strolling. The Leg and Footrest of the stroller are adjustable. Transferring the footrest down and up lets you pick the most comfortable place for the baby, depending on his/her age and behavior. The Front Wheels can swivel 360°. The Swivel characteristic could be secured for stability on uneven surfaces. The rear-wheel brakes can be operated by your own foot and ensure that your stroller does not move when you don’t need it to.
The canopy together with the stroller protects your child from harsh sunshine & powerful winds. There’s a looking window that will help keep an eye on infant whilst strolling.
The padded cushioned seat offers maximum comfort to your baby. You also get a spacious storage basket. There’s a Back Pocket in the rear, wherein parent can keep their essentials.



  • Lightweight, 9.2Kg
  • Easy to carry.
  • Requires less space to store.
  • 3 position seat recline
  • Adjustable Foot Rest
  • Reversible handlebar – Allows baby to face parent while strolling
  • 360° Front Wheel Swivel with lock


  • Material is light weight aluminum, sturdiness is lacking.

3. Little Pumpkin – Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller / Pram

Little Pumpkin – the Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller is a compact & travel-friendly stroller. This stroller features a one-hand fold mechanism. It has a spacious storage basket. This baby pram has three position recline system so that the baby is comfortable while strolling. The canopy is colourful and is of unisex. The canopy is designed to protect the kid from sun coverage with a peek-a-boo window. The wheels are strong and are of all-terrain use. The front wheel has a suspension mechanism for a smooth ride. The maximum weight capacity of the baby stroller is 20 Kg. The folding mechanism is very easy you just have to push the bar with a hand or leg, and the pram folds itself. This stroller comes with a reversible handle feature so that you can use the stroller from both side. The leg rest system is comfortable but static.



  • Light Weight and Easy to Carry, weight is 8.2 Kg.
  • Reversible handle
  • Front-wheel suspension
  • Good weight capacity of 20 Kg
  • One-hand fold mechanism
  • Product of R for Rabbit


  • Static foot rest

4. Luv Lap City Baby Stroller / Pram

Luv Lap City Stroller has a carrying capacity of 15kg. This is a very compact stroller. Also, this is light in weight. This makes it very much travel friendly. This features a 5 Point Safety Harness system. The 5-point safety harness system keeps your baby secured around the shoulders. The reclining capability is of 3 adjustable positions. You can adjust the stroller easy to keep the seat upright, inclined, or flat depending on the baby’s mood. Good manoeuvrability is there with the stroller as it comes with a 360-degree swivel front wheel. And the rear wheel comes with breaks. The brakes can be easily operated on foot, ensuring that the stroller does not move when you don’t want it to. The footrest is adjustable. Moving the footrest up and down helps your baby to have a comfortable position as per his/her age and mood. There is a spacious storage area where the baby’s essentials can be kept. The canopy has a looking window. There is a back pocket where parents can keep their essentials. Overall this a good stroller which is economical also,


  • 5 Point Harness System
  • 360 degree Front Swivel Wheel & Rear Wheel Breaks
  • Easy fold & compact
  • Best for travel as it’s very light, 7.5 Kg
  • Economical


  • The size of the stroller is less

5. Chicco Cortina CX Baby Stroller / Pram (Lava)

Chicco Brand

Chicco is one of the largest baby care brands in the world. It is pronounced as “kiiko” not “chikuu”. With the experience of over 60 years, it offers a wide range of baby products in nursing, baby toiletries, toys, travel (Strollers and car safety seats) and fashion categories.

Chicco Cortina CX stroller is an ideal stroller for travel purposes with your baby. This baby stroller comes with a Cradle Effect Seat delivering the same comfort as a cradle gives to your baby. So you can be well assured your baby will love it. It’s extremely comfortable.

As in the picture you can see the baby pram is loaded with features. This stroller has 8 positions of backrest recliner, for the comfort of your baby. Generally, normal strollers come with recliners of 3 positions. The best part of Chicco baby stroller is it’s Memory Recline.

Memory Recline is a smart feature that keeps in memory in which position it was folded earlier so that your efforts of adjusting it each time is reduced.

This stroller is among the best baby stroller in India that has the highest carrying capacity. The carrying capacity of Cortina CX stroller is 22 Kg, one of the highest among strollers. This makes the stroller to be used up to 4 years of your baby.

The wheels of the stroller are all-terrain wheels with suspension enabled. So this is a shockproof stroller. The front-wheel swivels 360 degrees. Brakes are enabled in the rear wheel. The locking feature is on the front wheel. This ensures control and balance to the baby pram.

The handle on the parent’s tray ensures that the folding and unfolding is easy even with a single hand. The parent handle can be adjusted to 03 possible positions according to the height of the parent.

The canopy is adjustable with a peel-a-boo window.

The storage basket at the bottom of the stroller offers lots of storage space and it is accessible from the front as well as rear.

The international design of Cortina CX Stroller assures full safety and comfort for the baby, making it one of the best available baby stroller in India.


  • One of the Most Reputed Brands in the World
  • Cradle Effect Seat delivers the same comfort as a cradle to your baby
  • 8 positions of backrest recliner
  • Memory Recline – Smart feature which remembers the backrest position of the stroller in which it was folded 
  • High Weight Capacity – 22 Kg
  • Easy Folding
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Compatible with KeyFit: The #1 rated infant car seat in America


  • The stroller is heavy, 23 Kg

Baby Stroller – Pram Buying Guide

A stroller has become essential for every parent having a baby between the age of 6 months and 3 years. Moving around with your baby, carrying babies essential stuff, be it going on a travel, shopping, going to park, etc. makes stroller a necessity. It is almost impractical to carry your child outdoors for a longer duration. This has made baby strollers innovate to accommodate the various necessities of parents. Strollers are just baby seats made of frames and cushion that is mobility enabled by the addition of three or four wheels with a handle to steer it.

In developed countries, there are many federal requirements for a stroller considering the safety of the baby. And the strollers or prams has to be certified. To earn the certification of approval they have to pass through many safety tests – no sharp edges, hinge points, harness, etc. In India, there are no such governing legalities, which is why we recommend going with a good branded baby stroller. Ultimately safety and comfort of your baby matter.

baby stroller

There are many factors that can be considered when doing shopping of a stroller. There are different styles and options.

Most of the models include storage for your diaper bags, snacks, toys, etc. These storage units are provided underneath the seat. Strollers come with high feature varieties or simple compact lightweight models for travel purposes.

There is also a top category of strollers specially designed for travel – Travel Systems. The travel system is a stroller that includes compatible baby car seats along with the stroller.

The factors that you have to check when buying a stroller is the size, capacity and the helpful features that comes with the model. Price range of the best baby strollers starts from Rs.2500 and can go up to Rs.37000 depending on the features and quality.

Main Factors to Consider while Baby Pram Shopping

Harness of the Stroller

When buying a stroller the number 1 priority should be the baby’s safety and comfort. So you have to ensure both of these are fulfilled in your baby pram purchase.

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In India, we have baby strollers with a three-point harness and five-point harness. We recommend you go for five-point harness system so that your baby can have a high secure restraint system while strolling.

Three point harness system are also fine if your baby is little older.

When checking the harness system you have to evaluate the latching and unlatching system. If the system is hard to use, it is going to be trouble especially when the baby is wiggly. The harness system should be simple and if possible be able to have one hand release for the parents. For baby, the unlatching should be difficult to figure out.

Comfortable Seating

The baby should sit comfortably in a stroller. For this, the stroller should provide good cushy seating. The harness straps also should be cushioned.

Another factor is the reclining positions. Mostly the baby strollers come with 3 position reclining systems – to lie down, upright, and partial upright positions. But, high-end models of the baby stroller has 5 reclining system. When your baby is small you want the baby to lie flat, full flat reclination and once the baby is grown, you will be needing partial and upright reclination. One major thing every parent wants is the reclining operation should be smooth. Also, the cushioning system and pads need to be removable so that it can be washed.

Wheels of Pram

The stroller wheels should be strong and easy to move around. Most of the well-known brand strollers provide all-terrain wheels. There are strollers that come with three wheels and four wheels. For normal use select four-wheel strollers as this are comfortable, sturdy, and versatile, giving comfortable ride experience for your baby. Three wheel strollers are mainly found in jogging strollers. Buy t if you plan jogging along with your baby. The wheels should steer straight and the rolling should be smooth.

Suspension of Stroller Wheel

The suspension provided with the stroller wheel matters. Not all models are equipped with wheel suspensions. A wheel with suspension can absorb the shock produced by uneven terrain. Some strollers of the high-end models are provided with wheel suspension on both front and back wheels. On mid-range models wheel suspension is given on the front wheels. If the stroller does not have suspension then also it is fine, if you are using smooth surfaces. But, if you think that your strolling route has bumps or uneven ground, we recommend a stroller with suspension. Stroller with suspension on all the four wheels gives great comfort for the baby. You will be able to take your baby on any terrain without any worry.

Brakes of the Pram

The anther factor on the stroller wheel that you should look into is the braking facility. All strollers have braking systems. The braking system could be hand brakes or foot brakes.

Mostly the strollers in India are equipped with foot braking. This foot braking enables you to stop the stroller or keep it from moving when you are on a slightly inclined level. The braking is also applied when you want to park your stroller. Foot braking is not helpful for joggers, who want to slow down the stroller gradually. For normal strolling foot brakes are fine.

Hand brakes are found in mainly jogging strollers. This is less common in India. The brakes in it are located on the handlebar of the stroller. This is very easy to use. You just have to squeeze the brake to stop the stroller. And depending on the pressure, you can slow down or halt the pram.

Wheel Rotation of Pram

The rotation capability of the wheel is to be considered for maneuverability of the stroller. If you can get a 360-degree swivel wheel, then your mobility with the stroller is going to be easy.

The rotation capability of the wheel is to be considered for maneuverability of the stroller. If you can get a 360-degree swivel wheel, then your mobility with the stroller is going to be easy.

Wheel Material

The material of the wheel is another factor that is to be considered. There are plastic wheels, rubber wheels, and foam-filled tires.

Plastic wheels are the most common that we find among the strollers in India. They are the most basic type of wheel. Basic and mid-priced strollers in India have plastic wheels. These plastic wheel strollers are fin for everyday use if the terrain of strolling is smooth. They are fine even over grass and little gravel surface, but you have to put more effort into moving the stroller. Rubber tires enabled stroller wheels are good in impact absorption. This can be strolled on any type of surface. But we don’t find much of the type in India, also we don’t recommend it as the air-filled tubes in the rubber tire can go flat. This causes trouble for a parent who is with a baby.

The best type of wheel type is foam filled tires. They are found on expensive, high-end models of baby strollers. They can be wheeled on any surfaces and the durability is high. It is not necessary to have this model of a wheel, as you are not going for a cross country with your baby and you have to pay higher for this type of stroller.

Folding Mechanism of a Stroller

Always go for a stroller that is foldable. When you are not using a stroller you don’t want the space in your home to be consumed by a large stroller. Also, when you travel you want to pack it in your car, flight or train. So folding capacity is a must for a baby stroller.

How the stroller folds is another consideration that you have to look upon on your buying decision. It has to be simple and easy. Many of the times you have to fold the stroller by carrying your baby. Some of the strollers are equipped with a one-handed folding mechanism. In these types of models, you just have to pull a strap or push a lever with your foot to fold the stroller.

Some of the stroller comes also with a self standing mechanism.

If you are a person who fly often, you should consider a stroller that can fit into an overhead bin.

Age & Weight of Your Child

Most of the strollers in India are made for baby’s age range between 6 months and 3 years. Since all descent quality strollers currently in India have 3 or 5 reclining position it is not of much worry on the usage for a toddler, wherein they would be lying down mostly.

High end strollers can be used for babies up to the age of 4 years.

Weight capacity of most of the good strollers in India is 15 Kg. Strong, sturdy high-end models have a weight capacity of up to 25 Kg. You should make the right call depending on the weight capacity of your child here. For normal babies 15 Kg carrying capacity is adequate.

Types of Baby Stroller or Pram

There are 5 product types in the stroller. They are Full-Size Stroller, Travel System, Car Seat Frame, Jogging Stroller, Umbrella Stroller, and Double Stroller. Let’s find what these types are in-depth.

1. Full Size Stroller

Most of the common strollers that you find in the market are Full-Size Baby Strollers. These strollers help parents to take the baby around with them along with the baby’s essentials like diapers, feeding bottles, etc. These types of strollers accommodate children between the age range of 6 months to 3 years (high-end model strollers can be used for the age range of 4 years also). These types of strollers are not suitable for newborn use. It does not have the ability to ass a car seat along with it.

Most of the full-size strollers come with spacious storage below the seat. This also features folding mechanisms, as discussed earlier. Mostly these baby strollers are four-wheeled. And they are for everyday use.

Full-size strollers are generally heavy compared to others. They are not suitable for jogging purposes. But they are best for everyday use and extremely comfortable for baby.

2. Travel System

A trvel system is a little different from baby stroller. Here you get a car seat and a stroller.

You can use a travel system on all stages of your baby’s life – starting from a new born.

Mostly a travel system has a newborn approved carrier – like a car seat or bassinet and a baby stroller that can be used with the stroller or the stroller can be used without the bassinet.

The advantage of the Travel System is that you can use the stroller starting from the time your baby is a newborn and throughout the toddler years. Your investment is only once. The price of a Travel System is higher in comparison to a baby stroller. But you don’t have to buy a car seat separately.

3. Car Seat Frame

Car Seat Frame is limited to the usage of a car only. Unlike a Travel System that can use the bassinet as a car seat when the baby is newborn and then convertible to a baby stroller seat. This can be used only as an infant car seat. They are affordable. If you don’t want to shop twice, a car seat, and later a baby stroller, we recommend buying a Travel System. Else you can buy a car seat when the baby is small and stroller when the baby grows up.

4. Jogging Stroller

A jogging stroller is ideal if you do jogging and wanted to take your baby for the same on a stroller. This type of stroller typically has three wheels – two wheels on the back and a single wheel on the front. The back wheels provide stability and the front single wheel aids fast maneuverability.

Keep in mind that not all three-wheeled strollers are jogging strollers. As the design of three-wheel looks trendy, many normal strollers are manufactured with three wheels.

Jogging strollers have additional features. We will check the features of Jogging Stroller are given below:

Front Wheel Specialty in a Jogging Baby Stroller

The front wheel of a jogging stroller is either fixed or will be having a lockout feature so that it prevents from swiveling during the run. This is because if you are moving the stroller at a high speed and hit a rock the wheel should not change the direction suddenly, creating off-balance.

Suspension of Wheels in a Jogging baby Stroller

The suspension of the stroller will be robust to avoid jerks during the fast movement, which can be dangerous to the baby.

Tire of a Jogging Stroller

The tires of the jogging stroller have to be excellent. Plastic tires are not a choice here. Either it should be an air-filled rubber tire or foam tires.

Hand Braking in a Jogging Stroller

As discussed earlier, hand braking is generally given for a jogging stroller. This allows you to subsidize the speedy movement of the stroller when you are pacing down your jogging with a smooth braking system by one hand. In some jogging strollers, you won’t’ find the hand braking mechanism. If you are a light jogger then it’s fine, otherwise, we strongly suggest buying a jogging stroller with hand brake.


Babies up to the age of one year should not be subjected to sudden bouncing or jostling. So be careful even when using a jogging stroller and do consult a paediatrician if you felt something unwanted has happened while jogging.

4. Double Stroller

If you have two children, either twins or children almost of the same age bracket, a double stroller is a big boon. In a double stroller, each child has their own seat. And can be handled easily as the framework will be one single piece.

There are two types of Double Strollers – side-by-side double stroller and a tandem double stroller. Side-by-side double stroller has seats offered to both kids in a row, both of the lids sit are parallel to each other. In a tandem double stroller one seat is behind the other. It is also called inline double stroller.

Side-by-side seats keep both the babies facing out into the world. The disadvantage of it is it is wider than normal baby strollers. And causes inconvenience if passing through a narrow area like a door or pathway.

Tandem or inline double strollers are good with the maneuverability part. The disadvantage of this it would be a bit tough to steer and turn. They can pass through narrow spaces easily.

5. Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella Stroller is some times referred to as Travel Baby Stroller.

They are lightweight strollers and very easy on the portability side. They are also easy to pack than a full sizes stroller models.

Since they are made in a compact way, many of the fancy things like storage baskets, extra pockets, snack trays, etc are not added to it. It generally has a seat with a harness, some models with canopy, and slim handles for each hand instead of a handlebar.

The best part of the Umbrella Baby Stroller is that it can be easily folded or unfolded, lightweight, easy maneuverability, and portability. On the negative side, it won’t be offering your baby as cushy experience that a Full Stroller offers.

Umbrella Strollers are also cheap. Our suggestion is to go for a Full Stroller for daily use and use Umbrella Stroller if you are a frequent traveler.


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