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We all are known to the fact that how pollution is becoming a major issue of concern today. But are we aware how big is this concern? According to the study done in 2019, India has 21 out of 30 cities in the list of most polluted cities in the world. Can you imagine! This is a huge number. 21 Indian Cities are the highest polluted cities in the entire world.

According to WHO, India has the highest death rate due to chronic respiratory diseases. When we narrow it down, we can see that everything starts from the air we breathe and it cannot be ignored.

09 Best Air Purifier in India

Best Air Purifier

No. Of Filters


Coverage Area


Buy Now



300 Sqft

2 years


303 m3/hr

355 Sqft

5 years

270 m3/hr
685 Sqft

2 years


310 m3/hr

320 Sqft

1 year

Philips AC3256/20 Air Purifier


380 m3/hr

820 Sqft

2 year

Honeywell HAC25M1201W Air Purifier


250 m3/hr

325 Sqft

1 year


333 m3/hr

851 Sqft

2 year


240 m3/hr

320 Sqft

1 year


350 m3/hr

450 Sqft

1 year

Review of Best Air Purifier in India

Dyson Air Purifier

It is a British technology company that is known all across the world for its air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and blade-less fans. This specific product incorporate the highlights of their air purifiers and blade-less fan. Dyson pure cool link air purifier is certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as Asthma and Allergy friendly product.

Dyson air purifiers have a low face speed alongside a high-proficiency HEPA filter. This filtering technology guarantees that the dangerous air pollutants stay caught in the screen and don’t discover their way again into the room.

Company provides a Dyson Link App through which one can easily monitor the air purifier easily. Through this app you can easily check the air quality circulating inside your room and you can see the live air quality metrics through the app. The Night mode changes to bring down fan speed and lessens the noise from the unit and furthermore darken the LED screen.

It comes with a Tris-covered Activated Carbon Filter and 360° Glass HEPA Filter. The H-13 Glass HEPA Filter is creased more than multiple times and densely stuffed with borosilicate microfibres. It can easily capture 99.95% of harmful air pollutants as small as PM 0.1.

Dyson Air purifier filter can easily catches ultrafine particles from all edges, including dust, bacteria and pet dander. It comes with a oscillation feature which helps in circulating purified air all across the room. One can operate it through Wi-Fi also. It is one of the most used air purifier for home.


  • It creates very less noise
  • It comes with HEPA filters for pure air
  • It is best for those who live in highly polluted cities
  • One of the best as per quality and service


  • Little bit Costly
  • There is no onboard controls to access built-in features.
Coway Sleek Pro Air Purifier

Coway is one of the renowned brand from South Korea that is known for its Air Purifiers. It comes with a 3 layer of air filter :

  • Pre-Filter – It helps in cleaning dust particle, human hair and heavy particles.
  • Patented Urethane Carbon Filter – It helps in removing cigarette odor, bad odor and harmful gases.
  • Green Anti-flu HEPA filter – It can easily catches ultrafine particles from all edges, including dust, bacteria and pet dander. It can easily catch harmful air pollutants as small as PM 2.5

Coway sleek pro air purifier comes with one unique feature through which an air quality indicator that automatically lights up with different colours to show the air quality inside a room. In this price range rarely you will find this feature of air quality indicator and if you are having anything like this to showcase the air quality inside your house is a wonderful option. In this air purifier, red colour indicates the high pollution inside the room, while purple and dark colour indicate light and medium pollution. If it is showing Blue colour light that means the air quality inside a room is good.

The purifier comes with a button-based controls on the top of it. One gets an choice to turn it on and off, a button to set the gadget’s speed can be flipped between Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Turbo. Likewise, there is an auto mode, which is once started, the air purifier modifies its speed automatically relying upon the level of pollution inside the room. As per our review it creates very less noise on Level 1 and 2. It is among the best air purifier in India.


  • Company provides a 5 years warranty
  • Pollution level indicator with different colour
  • It is ideal for Indian family
  • It comes with a Filter replacement Indicator


  • There is no Child lock
  • No Sleep mode feature is available
Philip AC 1215 Air purifier

Philips is one of the most renown company in the world, whether it will be electronics, Household products, consumer health or grooming. Philips is everywhere. Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier comes with an additional wide Nano-Protect HEPA guarantees higher capability and lifetime assurance against airborne impurity. The purifier comes with an Auto Purification mode to recognize and eliminates PM 2.5 level toxins. Air purifier removes 99.90% bacteria, viruses and also tested to remove airborne H1N1 virus.

A fantastic feature of this air purifier is that it tells you when to replace the filters. The Healthy Air Protect indicator is a valuable quality to help increase the lifetime of the air purifier. The Purifier is ECARF and Airmid certified. Company further added a innovative technology that helps in monitoring the the quality of air you are getting while sleep.

The Nano-Protect filter and Vita Shield IPS design authorize and improves clear air delivery rate of 270m3/hr. This air purifier removes ultra-fine particles as tiny as PM 0.02. It can further keep harmful toxic gases like formaldehyde and TVOC under control. Philips provided a child lock to make sure that children can not play with the settings of the Purifier.

The Purifier comes with an intelligent NightSense feature acknowledge when it’s night time and automatically darken the LED lights and lessen the fan speed to mutter levels (33 db). It is also loaded with an air quality indicator that automatically lights up with different colours to show the air quality inside a room. It is one of the best air purifier under 15000 rupees. 


  • It is perfect for a small family with small home
  • It comes with a very high quality performance
  • It is best for people who have breathing issues.
  • Comes with 2+3 years extended warranty


  • Connectivity – Company doesn’t provide any app based connection
  • Through water you cannot clear the HEPA filter and Carbon filter.
Top Ranke Mi Air Purifier 2S

Mi is one of the most famous company in India in Mobile but they are also very good in other field also. You can get Mi Air purifier in two different modes in market, with or without ECHO dot technology. We have showcased the Air purifier without ECHO dot technology. You can control the Mi Air purifier utilizing a devoted Mi Home app is simple. The purifier comes with a OLED display that allows you to monitor the air quality inside the room. 

This air purifier permits you to inhale clean, odor free and without allergen air. The Laser Particle Sensor can identify particles as little as PM 0.3 and show it on the screen, also. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 310 m3/hr guarantees that the purifier carries out its responsibility effectively within 10 minutes. It is perfect for room as big as 320 Sq. ft. CADR is an international standard for measuring the effectiveness of the air purifier.

It comes with a 3 layer filter which ensures high quality of air to breathe. The external layer dispenses with huge airborne particles like hair and residue. The center layer utilizes excellent H11-grade filtration innovation to evacuate harmful bacteria and ultra-fine particles. The inner layer involves activated carbon to dispose of awful scents, formaldehyde, and other hurtful substances. It is one of the best air purifier under 10000 rupees.

The best part of this air purifier is that it naturally alters the light according to the room lighting to allow you to have an perfect sleep without any disturbance. The design of air purifier which looks like a tower and comprises 943 intake holes, whereby it expands the air consumption space. It additionally guarantees to frame a 3600 repeating filtration pathway, through this it provides clean air from all its corner.


  • Budget Friendly
  • It creates less noise and efficient
  • Comes with Night mode features


  • Filters are not that strong as compare to others in the list
Top Ranke Philips AC 3256 Air purifier

Philips is the most reputated company in the market for manufacturing some of the best Air purifier in the world. 

Philips AC3256 Air Purifier comes with a Vita-shield IPS technology which can eliminate particles of up to 0.02µm which is 100 times smaller than the PM 2.5. With its air quality indicator and numerical indicator, the purifier provides the real-time air quality index inside a room. It can remove 99.97% of common airborne allergens including H1N1 virus. It also provides you protection from harmful gases like odor and TVOC.

It is equipped with AeraSense technology which basically works as a autopilot for your purifier. Through this technology a smallest change in concentration of pollutants and it automatically increases the fan speed to quickly bring down the level again. One more benefit of AeraSense technology is that it will alert you when to change the filter of air purifier.

Air purifier comes with a NanoProtect HEPA filter and AC filter which is having a CADR rate of 380m3/hr which is very suitable for an area or room of 820 Sq.ft. This air purifier is certified as Allergen-free by ECARF, AHAM and Airmid.

In this purifier you will get a sleep mode in which it slows down the speed of fan and minimises the sound upto 33db for comfortable sleep.


  • It is the best Air Purifier as per night mode
  • It automatically Switch on/off after a sudden power cut
  • It comes with a AeraSense technology
  • It is suitable for big hall or room


  • The cost is little higher
Top Ranke Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Air Purifier

Honeywell is the world’s leading manufacturer of Air purifier and air filters from last 75 years. Honeywell air purifier is known for their quality and design. Honeywell air purifier is different from the other purifiers because it takes in air from the sides and releases it from the top. It makes sure the perfect air circulation. Some of it’s other qualities include DIY installation, convenient filter replacement and zero sharp edges.

It comes with a highly efficient HEPA and activated carbon filters that ultra-fine pollutants and allergens of upto 0.3 µm including PM2.5 and pollens. Through it’s 3 different kind of filters Air purifier removes 99% of  formaldehyde, toxic gases, VOCs, bacteria and odor. One important thing is that it’s pre-filter is washable which eliminates pet hair/dander, soil, larger dust particles, etc and improves the life of HEPA filter.

The Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) of 250 m3/hr can easily purify the air of normal-sized 325 Sq. ft room in 10 minutes. Accordingly, it is a perfect air purifier to have both in your bedroom and living room. It comes with a aerodynamic fan design which creates very less noise.

The air purifier comes with a 3D Air flow technology which helps pure air to reach even the farthest corner of the room. Company claims that it consumes power equivalent to 2 CFL bulbs. It is the best air purifier under 15000 rupees.

According to company filter life is approximately 3000 hrs and less power consumption means you incur less running cost of purifier. The filters can keep going for over nine months in the event that you utilize the air purifier for eight hours day by day.


  • It comes with a filter life of 3000 hr
  • It comes with a 3D Air flow technology
  • It will save your electricity bill


  • After sales services are not that good
  • Little bit noisy in night
Top Ranke Philips AC2887 Air purifer

Philips AC2887 Air purifier is loaded with a Vita-shield IPS technology which can remove airborne pollutants as small as 0.03 microns which is 700 times smaller than the PM2.5. It also lessen the spread of harmful toxic gases like formaldehyde and VOC. The purifier comes with a Virus and Bacteria feature that improves airflow and increase the air exchange per hour, thereby removing 99.9% of bacteria. 

The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 333 m3/hr can easily purify the air of big sized 850 Sq. ft room or hall in 10 minutes. Accordingly, it is a perfect air purifier to have both in your bedroom and living room. It comes with a silent mode which slows down the speed of fan and noise level for comfortable sleep.

Philips air purifier comes with a 3 different smart pre-settings that you can choose according to the condition : Allergen, General, Bacteria and virus modes. Once you activate any of these mode you can assure yourself for breathing a cleaner air. It comes with Nano Protect HEPA and Active Carbon filter which removes 99.90% bacteria, pollen and house dust mite, tested to remove H1N1 virus. For more home products click here.

Philips AeraSense technology which basically works as a autopilot for air purifier. Through this technology a little change in concentration of pollutants and it automatically increases the fan speed to quickly bring down the level again. One more benefit of AeraSense technology is that it will alert you when to change the filter of air purifier. It is one of the Philips best air purifier.


  • Comes with a Aerodynamic design
  • Allergen Mode
  • Smart Light Control


  • It is not ideal for small rooms
Top Ranke Sharp FP-F40E-W Air Purifier

Sharp is one of the renowned Japanese company for unique technology products and solutions. It comes with a mechanism of Plasmacluster technology which releases positive and negative ions created by plasma discharge and released into the air because of that it eliminates the air pollutants and neutralizes the toxic gases and harmful VOCs, Hence it provides the quality air inside the room.

Review of Sharp Air purifier comes with a 3 layer of filters – Pre-Filter,  H14 HEPA Filter, Voluminous Granular Active Carbon Filter which removes 99.97% of dust particles of 0.3 microns which is very smaller than the PM2.5. Through these filter it removes bad odor, bacteria, pollen and dust mite. It is equipped with The mosquito catcher technology which uses a glue sheet with non-toxic mechanisms which catches the mosquitoes to lessen the possibility of getting bitten. It is one of the rare air purifier in the world with mosquito catcher. 

Air purifier comes with HAZE mode in which high-density Plasmacluster Ions are set free and in mixture of different fan speed, it quickly eliminates all the impurities. It also comes with auto restart option and low noise level. It is the best air purifier in the world with Plasmacluster technology.


  • It comes with Plasmacluster Technology
  • It is equipped with mosquitoes catcher
  • Haze mode
  • Best in the price range


  • Connectivity issue
Top Ranke Mi Air Purifier 2C

Mi Air purifier 2C is the cheapest in the list of best air purifier in India, but still it is worthful. Air purifier comes with a True HEPA Filter which can easily remove 99.97% of common airborne allergens. It also provides you protection from harmful gases like odor and TVOC.

The design if the purifier looks like a tower and comprises of holes in every corner because of which it can  intake air from 360 degree for efficient filtration. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 350 m3/hr guarantees that the purifier carries out its responsibility effectively within 10 minutes. It is perfect for room as big as 450 Sq. ft. 

It comes with real time air quality indicator through which you can monitor the air quality inside the room easily. In this purifier there is only one button for easy operation. Purifier works on Auto Mode for reducing the manual intervention in working. It also saves your electricity. 


  • Cheapest Air Purifier in the list
  • Easy to install and operate


  • Night Mode option is not there
  • Company provides less warranty 

What are the Most Common Source of Household Air Pollutants?

You need to recollect that various purifiers are intended to handle diverse sort of contaminations. Every one of these contaminations are viewed as hazardous. They can harm your wellbeing, and it doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you have a quite certain kind of hypersensitivity, they will cause harm and even exasperate your respiratory issues.

The main distinction is that the individuals who are legitimately influenced by these components can see the impacts very quickly yet the individuals who are not oversensitive to such contaminants won’t have the option to see the progressions promptly, bringing about genuine well being harm over the long haul.

Along these lines, it is the very first knowledge you should have to recognize the sort of toxins that is as of now dirtying your air, before you at last buy an air purifier.

  1. Allergens– These are the airborne particles that are present everywhere and people usually are allergic to these particle. In specific ,you will discover poisons like pet dander, spores, dust allergens, pollen, fungi, bacteria, and viruses in the air inside the house. These are the common allergens which people think is merely harmful but these are the once capable of causing life long diseases like asthma. In addition to that, they can also cause other respiratory issues.
  2. Smokes– The smoke of tobacco or weed can be bothering for non-smokers and it is one of the most widely recognized reasons for indoor air contamination. Smoker are already in danger of cancer but the non-smokers inhale this smoke passively which is dangerous and can cause cancer even to them.
  3. Odor– The smells inside the house are a major issue. It incorporates the smell of gasses, kitty litter, different poisons, and vaporous toxins like indoor pesticides, pressurized canned products, and compound cleaners. Such sort of poisons is extremely normal and difficult to dispose of. Every house create some sort of odour in one or another way while using certain products. These smell can be irritating and can make you feel dull.
  4. The VOCs– VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are accessible in a large portion of normal family unit items, for example, paints, stains, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, pastes and cements, and even new covers and building supplies. The Volatile Organic Compounds can cause a few side effects like the bothering of the eyes, nose, and throat, cerebral pains, sickness, and even serious ceaseless well being conditions, for example, harm to the sensory system.

Buying Guide for Best Air Purifier

It is advisable that we look upon to the different factors an air purifier to buy the right one for the right place. Factors like the type of filter, size of room, cost, power consumption are major factors that makes an air purifier suitable for the different types of purpose it has to serve.

   1. For what purpose are you buying-

The air purifiers have qualities and life span suitable for certain type of location and not good for other type. A hospital requires few necessary features, a house will need a smaller purifier and an office may require a good purifier in a fixed budget. Hence it has to be decided widely, for what type of indoor you have to buy an air purifier. Following are steps to follow while narrowing down

Step 1 – deciding the location widely to understand the surroundings and possible pollutants that can be present in locality. Are you living near an industrial area, a hospital, is it located on highway? Answering questions like this will help you understand better.

Step2 – figuring out what kind of indoor is it. Is it is a commercial building or a house. Basically this will give two answers. One is, how much square feet area does it cover and second is, what kind of purifier will fulfil the demand of consumer.

Step3- narrowing it down further and finalising the exact location. For a house, weather the purifier is needed for kitchen, living room, or full house.

    2. Type of filter

This is the very first thing to be considered- exactly for what we are buying air purifier? There is possibility that your home has some pollutants in higher percentage and others in lower percentage. This becomes the prime reason to buy an air purifier with certain type of air filter. Different types of air filters are-

  • High efficiency particulate air filter or HEPA filter

These filters provide highest purification. They can filter very small particle matter in air. The advanced version of this- true HEPA filter, can purify air up to 99.97 %. It removes pollutants like dust particles, hairs, pet dander and smoke.

Things to consider-

  • It can be noisy due to fan.
  • It requires maintenance time to time for proper working
  • It doesn’t removes odour.

Suitable for- This type of filter is suitable for your home if you have a pet or if you are a regular smoker. The ability of this type of filter to remove smallest particulate matter makes it suitable for people with respiratory disease and also for usage in general as well.

  • Ionic filter-

These filters can remove even smallest of dirt particles. It has an electrostatic plate which collects all the dirt particles. It is noise free and cheaper in rate. It can remove bacteria, dust, pollen, virus and even visible smoke.

Things to consider-

  • It requires constant cleaning for effective working
  • It doesn’t remove bad odour

Suitable for- this type of filter is good for you if you have a little lower budget and want to buy something for long term in low cost.

  • The carbon filter-

These filters are majorly used in combination with other filters. It specifically is good to trap bad odour. It can also neutralise smokes and fumes.

In general, it is a very good option if you want your home to smell fresh. It can remove odour originated from cooking, paint, pets, and cleaning products.

Things to consider-

  • A disadvantage of this filter is that it has a life span after which it has to be replaced.
  • It is not as effective as other purifiers for removing even smallest of dirt particles.

Suitable for- It’s a good choice for your home if you live near to any industrial area. You can also buy this one if you have pets at home or bad odour causing works.

  • Ultra violet light filter

This type of filter has a lamp and it emits UV light which is invisible to our eyes. It kills all the pollutants that pass trough it. It can kill pathogens, microorganism, and germs.

It keeps the environment clean and mostly used in hospitals.

Things to consider-

  • It can remove all the bacteria, virus, microorganism and that’s it. Other then that it cannot remove any other impurities.

Suitable for- it is good choice for the ones who get sick very easily, since this type of filter can remove all the disease carriers .

   3. The right size-

The right size of purifier should be the next step to consider. After you decide you have to buy a certain type of air purifier for your home, or office or any other place, you have to narrow it down and decide exact spot where it has to be kept. There are purifiers that work effectively till certain distance and after that, the purification process becomes very slow.

How to measure that?

Step 1- check the square footage rating of the purifier that is given in the description.

Step 2- measure the size of the place in square foot where it has to be kept.

Step 3- compare the two measurements.

Results-  If the square footage rating is equal to or more then the size of your room then it is suitable for buying.

If the square footage rating is lesser then the square foot measurement of your room then you have to look for other option with more square footage rating.

4. Maintenance and Warranty– The purifiers come with certain lifespan after which it has to be replaced. The manufacturer gives a rough duration time interval after which the filter has to be changed for effective purification.

The warranty of the product is next important thing to check because you have to be sure about after how many years will it need to be replaced.

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   5. Specific ratings- ACH and CADR ratings-

ACH– Air Changes per Hour is the measurement by which you get to know the rate of exchanged air in every hour. For these ratings, they have specific numbers that the manufacturers use but you have to look for the rating includes 4X, 5X or 6X denominations. If you need a top air purifier look for this feature.

These numbers basically gives the main information. The greater the number, the better the purification. 4x means that the purifier takes 4 hrs to recycle the trapped air. This finally indicates the efficiency of the purifier.

A good air purifier measures from 6 to 8 ACH rating

CADR– Clean Air Delivery Rate

This is basically the measure of speed of air cleaning. How much amount of maximum clean air can be provided by the air purifier. The CADR ratings differ according to the size of the room as well. For a room sizing about 300sq.ft, the CADR is about 140 whereas for a complete house that measures to be around 1300sq.ft – 1500sq.ft , the CADR will be 400.

So a purifier with more CADR is better and good for bigger areas.

We tend to pay attention to our self when we go out. That time we may cover our noses and try to escape from the polluted air. But what about the air we breathe in when we are at home? Can we just close our eyes and believe that the air we are taking in at home is pure? Well no, that’s just a wrong assumption of ours. We all have a sense of attachment to our homes and that’s why we ignore the fact that the air in our house can be contaminated and it needs to be purified. In fact, the air inside our houses can be more dangerous sometimes then it is outside.

To make sure that we inhale pure air and prevent air borne diseases, we can add air purifier in our lives. Air purifier are one of the most important item which is gaining demand due to increasing pollution rate. So below we showcased some of the best air purifier in India that make your home sweet home.


All together we need a proper atmosphere for living. If the air we are breathing is not good for health, then ultimately it will be dangerous for health in future.

We hop you like our content on Best Air Purifier in India. All the Air purifier is selected by our topranke experts. If you are having any doubts or recommendation, kindly drop your comment below. 


1. Do air purifier provides cool air in the room?

No, Air purifier don’t have any cooling mechanism, that will cool the air inside the room.

2. Do air purifier is helpful for COPD Patients?

Yes, it is helpful for people who are suffering from COPD as it help in breathing by removing airborne pollutants that lead to lung diseases. But for that air purifier should be equipped with HEPA filter.

3. How much time it take an air purifier to provide a clean air?

That mainly depends upon the room size, fan speed and quality of filter. Mainly it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to provide a clean air for an entire room.

4. What are the best brands of Air purifier available in India?

If you are buying it from a reputed brand then only you will get a quality and effectiveness. Let’s see some of the best brands:

  • Honeywell
  • Philips
  • Daikin
  • LG
  • Blue Star
  • Xiaomi
  • Dyson

5. How to reduce the noise created by the Air purifier?

The noise is created due to the speed of the fans. One can easily reduce the noise by reducing the speed of the fans. In present scenario air purifiers comes with built-in sensors that controls the level of impurities and automatically adjust the speed of fan. 

6. What kind of air purifier is best for home use?

If you are living in a highly polluted city, then it is highly advisable to use a air purifier that has minimum 3 layers of filter for purification. It should contain the pre-filter, activated carbon filters and the HEPA filters. Many advanced air purifiers comes with a UV filtration method also.