Best Air Cooler Under 10000 in India

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An air cooler is a best option for beating the summer heat. It is a best fit for using it at office or home. Cooler is heat exchanger device which cools the air.

In simple words, it uses the water evaporation technique to cool the air of the area where it is placed and the most important thing it doesn’t releases any harmful gases in the environment.

In this article you will check out different types of air coolers, buying guide and FAQ regarding to buy the best air cooler under 10000 rupees.

Our Top Pick
Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler

  • Capacity – 75Litres
  • Perfect for room size of up-to 550 Sq Ft
  • Honeycomb Cooling Pads for better performance
  • Ice chambers to put ice cubes for cooling
  • Inverter Capability
  • Number of Speeds: 3
  • Number of Castor Wheels: 4
  • 1 Year warranty on Cooler
Best Seller
Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 36-Litres Air Cooler

  • Capacity: 36 Litres
  • Hexacool Technology uses minimum water consumption for delivering maximum cooling
  • No. of Speeds: 3
  • Power: 100 Watts
  • Capable of working with inverter
  • 1 Year warranty

Best Air Cooler Under 10000 in India


Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler Our Top Pick

  • Capacity : 75Litres
  • Ice chambers to put ice cubes for ultimate cooling
  • Capable to work on Inverter
  • 3 Speed fan
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • 1 Year warranty
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Bajaj Platini PX97 36-Litres Air CoolerBest Seller

  • Capacity : 36 Litres
  • Hexacool Technology delivers maximum cooling with minimum water consumption
  • Number of Speeds : 3
  • Operates on 230Voltage and requires 100 Watts of Power
  • Compatible with Inverter
  • 1 Year warranty on cooler
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Crompton Aura 55-Litre Desert CoolerBest Reviewed Cooler

  • Capacity : 55 liters
  • Inverter compatibility
  • Ice chamber for additional cooling
  • Power : 190 watts
  • No. of Wheels : 4
  • Rust Free Body
  • Comes with water draining technology for easy cleaning & checking water level indicator.
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Symphony HiCool 31-litres Room Air CoolerBest in Technology

  • Capacity: 31 liters
  • i-pure technology which is equipped with multistage air purification filter
  • Effective cool flow dispenser and honeycomb cooling pad for cooling
  • Dura-pump ensures longevity of the pump
  • Auto Shut-off feature for voltage fluctuations
  • 185 Watts of power consumption
  • 1 Year warranty
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Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler – 55 LitresBest in Class

  • Capacity: 55 liters
  • Unique fan design for low noise cooling
  • Fully Collapsible louvers for preventing insect and dust entering inside the cooler
  • Auto Fill of water
  • Ice Chamber for instant chilled air
  • 220 Watts of power required
  • 1 Year warranty
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Voltas Desert Grand 72L CoolerBest in Capacity

  • Capacity : 72 Liters
  • 4 Speed Fan
  • Water Level Indicator
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Honeycomb Cooling Pads for better cooling experience
  • Rust Free Body
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Bajaj DC2016 67-litres Air CoolerBest Bajaj Cooler

  • Capacity : 67 Liters
  • Turbo fan technology for circulation of air
  • Ice Chamber for storing ice cubes for better cooling experience
  • 3 Speed control
  • Powerful motor allows good air throw for large rooms and halls
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07 Best Air Cooler in India

1. Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler

Crompton greaves provide a vast range of air coolers as a best solution for all your needs. With Crompton coolers you can enjoy a night even in humid and hotter temperatures. So, today we are presenting Crompton Ozone 55-Litres Desert Air Cooler.

The cooler can easily cool an area of 550 Sq Ft and it is very much appropriate for a middle size room. It is equipped with a motorized cooler system which helps in providing 4 way air deflection to offer an cooler atmosphere in the room.

It is equipped with a Ice Chamber to put ice cube inside it for ultimate cooling experience. This portable cooler helps the inconvenience of filing water tanks multiple time a day. It stores up-to 75 liters of water in single time. It is one of the best air cooler under 10000 in the market.

It is equipped with a powerful motor of 190 Watt which helps in providing a airspeed up to 4500 m3/ hr and throw a cool air upto 50ft. One of the most interesting feature of the cooler is that, one can enjoy an uninterrupted cool air on hot days even when the electricity is not there. You only have to connect your cooler with inverter.

Cooler is made up of fiber body which keeps it rust free and it is very easy to clean it with a wipe of cloth. Company provides a 1 Year manufacturer warranty.


  • Castor wheels for easy movement of cooler
  • 75 Liters of large water tank
  • 3 Airspeed control for easy control
  • Better drainage system for filling water


  • Customers have complain regarding to leakage of water from pipe.
  • It needs a proper ventilation for cooling

2. Bajaj Platini PX97 36-Litres Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal Air Cooler

At the point when the sun ascends high, the warmth gets deplorable for the duration of the day, and it gets extreme for us. On the off chance that you are depleted from the mid year season’s heatwave, there is a product to drive away your issues.

Bajaj is one of the most renowned brand in India for a long time. Bajaj Platini PX97 36-Litres Air Cooler is one of the best seller cooler in India. The cooler has a dimension of 45.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 82 cm which is perfect for medium home and requires very less space.

It can store upto 36 liters of water and can cool a medium size room with the size of 150 Sq ft. This air cooler from Bajaj ensures higher air delivery with 70 feet air throw to cool any space inside the house. It is equipped with Hexacool technology which delivers maximum cooling with minimum water consumption.

It is equipped with Honeycomb Cooling Pads are capable of absorbing and keeping water to provide the maximum cooling experience, this result providing cool and moisturized air in the room. It comes with a castor wheels for easy movement of cooler from one place to another.

It works on 100 Watts of power and 230Voltage. One can connect the cooler with inverter. It is one of the best air cooler in India.


  • 1 Year warranty on Cooler
  • Perfect for Small and Medium sized room
  • Inverter capability
  • Energy efficient


  • Customers have complain regarding to motor performance
  • No remote control

3. Crompton Aura 55-Litre Desert Cooler

Crompton Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler

Crompton is one of the best air cooler brand in the country. Crompton Aura 55-Litre Desert Cooler comes with a Woodwool cooling pad for better water retention and cooling performance makes sure that it can deliver 4200m3/hr air.

This portable and sleek design cooler avoid disruption of filling the water tank multiple times a day. It can store 55 Liters of water at single time. One can put the cooler close to your bed or room. The cooler can easily cools the area of 500 Sq ft.

It provides continuous cooling without any interruption on summers even without electricity by connecting it through the inverter. For best cooling experience, cooler comes with a separate ice chamber to put the ice cubes inside it for providing ultimate cool air.

The cooler is made up of fiber body which keeps it rust free and does not allow any settling of watermarks in its body. Company provides 1 Year warranty on the cooler.


  • The body is made up of ABS and thermoplastic
  • Perfect cooling for medium or big size rooms
  • Auto-swing louvers for air deflection
  • Consumes Less enerygy


  • Customers have complaint regarding to bad odor while starting the cooler
  • The length of supply cable is short

4. Symphony HiCool 31-litres Room Air Cooler

Symphony HiCool-i Modern Personal Room Air Cooler 31-litres

If you are looking for a smart air cooler in budget with a multistage air purification system, this will stand on all your requirements. Symphony is one of the best air cooler brand in India with various categories of air cooler in its arsenal.

Symphony HiCool 31Liters Air Cooler comes with a 31 liters of water tank capacity which is perfect for a medium size Indian family with affordable price limits. It comes with a Honeycomb cooling pad and cool flow dispenser for even distribution of water for better cooling inside the room.

The cooler comes with a i-pure technology with multistage air purification system which filters dust, bad odor, bacteria and PM 2.5 wash filter for filtered cool air. It is also comes with SMPS technology shut-off the cooler automatically during the power fluctuation. One can easily monitor the cooler with a remote and comes with a touch control panel for easy operations.

It is equipped with a Dura-pump technology which makes sure the long durability of the pump. The cooler is also equipped with a empty tank alarm through which you don’t have to check it multiple times a day for filing. It is ideal for small and medium sized room for better cooling experience. Company provides a 1 Year warranty on the cooler. It is one of the best cooler in India as per technology is concerned.


  • Low Power Consumption
  • System Restore Function
  • Multi stage air purification system
  • Cool flow dispenser


  • Customers have issues regarding to remote control function.

5. Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler – 55 Litres

Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler - 55 Litres

Havells is the largest Indian consumer electrical brand and 4th largest in all over the world. Havells celia desert air cooler is the most sorted out product by the company. It comes with a tank capacity of 55 Liters which is very much enough for running approximately 3-4 hrs easily.

Company has given a fully collapsible louvers for preventing dust and insect from entering inside the cooler. It is equipped with a 3 side honeycomb cooling pads which have anti-erosion, anti-bacterial and anti-deformation properties which helps in absorbing dust and clean the air also. These pads of long life as compared to normal ordinary pads.

One of the unique feature that is available in this cooler is it comes with a auto fill feature in which there is a continuous water supply eliminating the headache of refilling it manually. It comes with a Ice Chamber for filling ice cubes inside it for proving cool air. Cooler is equipped with a special design fan which creates very less noise while running.


  • Cord Winding system
  • Equipped with Autofill technology
  • Capable with Inverter


  • Low-quality wheels.

6. Voltas Desert Grand 72L Cooler

Voltas Desert Grand 72 Cooler

Voltas is one of the most trusted brand in Air conditioner and air cooler in India, as it is a part of TATA. Voltas is known for there after sales service and there product long life. If you are not looking for a hi-fi technology and need an air cooler with simple and effective cooling in a budget option, this is the product you can go with.

Voltas Desert Grand 72L Cooler comes with a 72 Liters of water tank which can easily run continuously up-to 5-6hrs. It is perfect for medium or large size family. It is equipped with a water level indicator which makes it easier to check the remaining water in the tank. The cooler comes with castor wheels on its base which makes it easy to move the cooler from one location to another as per your requirement.

Company has given highly effective Honeycomb cooling pads which provides fast and ultimate cooling experience. One can easily monitor the cooler with 3 speed fans which you can adjust according to your comfort.

Company has provided 1 Year warranty on the cooler and one can avail 1 year extra warranty by paying nominal charge.


  • Low Power consumption
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Powerful Motor


  • Customers have complained that cable length is short.

7. Bajaj DC2016 67-litres Air Cooler

Bajaj DC2016 67-litres Desert Air Cooler

Bajaj is one of the oldest consumer electronics company in the country that has continuously working towards innovations that simplify human life. Now you don’t have to sweat because of heat. Enjoy more comfortable night even in humid and hot temperature.

Bajaj DC2016 67-litres Air Cooler comes with a 67 liters of water tank which provides it long lasting and effortless cooling for long period of time. This cooler can cool an area of 550 Sq ft, that is all you need as an medium size family. It also can throw air upto 90 feet which is ideal for large halls and rooms.

Cooler is upgraded with a Turbo fan technology through which you can enjoy most soothing air. Company has given an Ice Chamber in the cooler in which you can put ice cubes for better cooling experience.

Wood wool technology helps in better cooling and 4 way air deflection ensures that chilled air reaches every corner of the room. Company has given 1 Year warranty on the cooler.


  • Large tank capacity
  • Ice Chamber for chilled air
  • 3 Speed control
  • Elegant look


  • Cross ventilation is required for better cooling experience

Why Are Air Coolers So Popular Today?

AC units represent just about a fourth of power utilization in structures around the world. Regardless of whether you are hoping to cut month to month costs or you need something more portable, swearing off customary AC machines may be a decent choice. In any case, there are different motivations to look for compact other options:

They are actually that — versatile. You can heft them around, put in whichever room needs cooling, take with you in a vehicle, and a few models you can even interpretation of an excursion or outdoors.

You need something that doesn’t need establishment — an item that is independent or hand-held or perhaps has wheels, so you don’t have to make openings in dividers with screws.

You are searching for something more affordable than a divider mounted AC unit — you can purchase a decent compact cooler for $100 to $200 and have it keep going for quite a while.

Your property manager might not have any desire to introduce focal or a divider mounted AC — let’s be honest, a ton of us are leasing and limited by an agreement, so introducing an AC may be not feasible.

Individual air cooling is more expense productive — in the event that you have a little room or a major house with heaps of rooms, half of which you don’t utilize, or your summers are too short to even think about putting resources into an AC.

You are attempting to be more eco-accommodating — a great deal of AC choices devour less energy and consequently are less destructive to the climate.

There are three major categories of air coolers: electric fans, portable air conditioners, and evaporative air coolers.

1. Portable Air Coolers

An Air cooler works a great deal like its divider mounted partner. It removes the air from a room and uses a refrigerant to chill it off. The hot air extricated from the room is then depleted to the outside by means of a hose.

There are single-and double hose convenient AC units. Double hose gadgets take the air from an external perspective through one hose, chill it off in the contraption, and fumes the warm air back outside through another hose, which is better since you’re not over processing the air.


Controller – It’s helpful to control the gadget without intruding on your work or rest.

Clock – You can set a clock for the gadget to close off or to defer the beginning, and it’s accessible on most models.

Dehumidifier – Like all AC units, this sort dries out the air, which can be advantageous in the event that you live in an amazingly sticky environment or disadvantageous in a dry one.

Indoor regulator – You can set a temperature that the gadget will upkeep while it’s working.

2. Electric Fans

All fans make a breeze by moving the air in the region of the gadget. They don’t actually lessen the air temperature of the room, yet they can assist cool with bringing down your skin if the air temperature isn’t excessively high. On the off chance that it’s hot, a fan will simply blow hot air.

There are a couple of kinds of versatile electric fans: stand or platform, box, work area, and pinnacle fans. There are likewise smaller than usual ones that work on batteries or associate with your telephone, however they once in a while have any impact whatsoever.


Wind modes – Fans coercively make a breeze, and its power will rely upon the speed setting. Most fan models have three of them.

Swaying – Some fans have a catch that makes the top of the gadget waver — consistently move from side to side so the air blows in various ways. Box fans can’t have that highlight because of plan.

Ionization – A couple of fan models have ionizers that make adversely charged particles. Whenever they are released into the air, they tie with positive particles like dust, residue, or smoke and make a denser atom that doesn’t coast. This cycle can conceivably filter the air.

Clock – This element some of the time accompanies tower fans and allows you to set a clock for when the fan should close off. It is helpful on the off chance that you turn a fan on and rest.

3. Evaporative Air Coolers

The name is quite clear as crystal, as this gadget cools the air by vanishing dampness. Additionally called swamp coolers, they have dampness cushions that retain the water from a water tank and a fan that brings the air into a cooler and goes it through the cushions. Beads of water dissipate from the cushion and cause a drop in temperature, so the air that blows outside is a lot cooler.

Evaporative coolers can be assembled into individual, living space, and outside, in light of the gadget size and size of the region they are intended to chill.


Diverse cooling speeds — you can change the speed at which the cool air extinguishes.

Air filtration — for eliminating residue, dust, and different particles from the air that can cause sensitivities. A few models have a carbon channel that should assist with smells.

Controller — permits you to change settings from a good ways utilizing a hand-held distant or in a versatile application through wifi.

Clock — permits you to set occasions at which the cooler will turn on and off.

Do coolers require a lot of electricity to run?

No, coolers utilize similarly less power than AC. Also, air coolers take up low upkeep costs. The air coolers can chip away at low voltage, and most air coolers these days are inverter viable. Your month to month power bill would be essentially low. Air coolers are ideal for individuals who are searching for a financial plan benevolent choice to endure these mid year days.

Which type of cooler is better, Room cooler or Desert cooler?

Both types of coolers have their features and are used for different purpose. A room cooler is suitable for room or for personal use.
A desert cooler is perfect for large area and it requires more power and water for usage.

Can we use Inverter in our Air Cooler?

Yes, Most of the cooler works on Inverter.

If we didn’t fill the water tank, What would happen then?

All air coolers works with a water pump, so; in the event that you don’t fill the water tank routinely, at that point the pump would be harm. It relies upon the air cooler you have in your home. There are air coolers that have choices like cooler mode and fan mode. In fan mode, the water siphon stop, and you can get outside air from the fan. This element is acceptable when the temperature is low, and you need less cooling.

Which cooler is best for a humid climate?

If you live near to humid area, you have to go for a cooler which comes with a humidity control. It works via naturally turning on and off the siphon according to the mugginess level of your room. It is smarter to dispose of the temperature and dampness.

Final Words…

Buying an air cooler for summers is a good option compared to air conditioner. You will be going to save electricity bill and other expenses. Cooler doesn’t require that much of maintenance.

You can choose our top pick best air cooler under 10000, Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler. If in case, you have any query, you can drop a comment below.

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