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So you have come to the point – that your new TV is going to be of 55 Inch.

Great, this size of the TV is the most trendy and highest-selling now. You will find many brands producing a large number of models in 55 inch TV category. Some of the brands start with 49 Inch TV and go high, among it 55 Inch is the most sort after. You will find that many of the latest display technology TVs – QLED, Nano Cell TV, and OLED TV start with 49 Inches and above nowadays. And 55 inches is the favorite for consumers and manufacturers alike for these high-tech TVs. 55 Inch TV is the best size for people who wanted to enjoy a 4K resolution. The size of the TV viewed at an ideal distance makes you fully immersed in the onscreen content.

Overall Best 55 Inch TV in India

[Top 7] 55 Inch TVs in India