Affiliate Booster Theme Review [The Best WordPress Theme & Plugin for Affiliates]

If you follow the affiliate marketing industry, you would have heard about Affiliate Booster, the WordPress theme specifically built for affiliates. The company claims that this is the No.1 Affiliate Theme in the world.

Is the claim of Affiliate Booster legit or overhyped?

In this Affiliate Booster Theme Review, we go deep into the good and bad to determine if Affiliate Booster is a legitimate of the claim – the No.1 WordPress Affiliate Theme or is it just a claim made for marketing purposes.

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So you are witnessing a website powered by Affiliate Booster Theme.

And the blocks built over here are made by Affiliate Booster Plugin, which comes along with the theme.

We would say, among all the WordPress themes we have ever used and tested, this is the BEST!

TopRanke’s Result = Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin (Best Theme) + GreenGeeks Hosting (Best Hosting)

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Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin

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Since we are using this Affiliate Booster Theme, our review guide could give you an in-depth insight into the theme. Check the footer of this website, to verify our claim, whether we are using the Affiliate Booster theme or not.

Since we fell in love with the theme, you will get tons of insights in this Affiliate Booster Theme Review. So we answer you on why to choose the affiliate booster theme and plugin here.

As per our experience, this is excellent for affiliate marketers, mainly for amazon affiliates.

We will show you how is this the best in this “Affiliate Booster Review Guide“.

In this Affiliate Booster Theme Review, we will go through the gist of Affiliate Booster — what it is, the positives and the negatives, the features, customer service, and so on.

As mentioned earlier, this review is based on our own experience using Affiliate Booster Theme.

Regardless of whether you choose to use it or not, this theme is going to be an important player in the affiliate marketing industry.

Before you jump in, what is Top Ranke’s rating? We will put it at a solid 4.5 star.

With some drawbacks, this is definitely good.

Keep reading the review guide till the end to find out why!

Our review rating is based on the following metrics. And the summary report is below.

Affiliate Booster Review Report


Performance of the Theme

Theme Customization

Mobile Responsiveness
WordPress Editor Compatibility


Additional Resources


Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin Review Highlights

Here’s a brief list of Affiliate Booster’s review highlights—keep an eye out for these in this article.

  • Affiliate Booster is a Schema Optimised WordPress Theme
  • Ultra-Fast Loading
  • Google SEO Score – 99
  • Facilitates Easy Customisation of Your Website
  • Good Typography Control
  • Good Color Control
  • This is a Mobile Responsive Theme
  • Gutenberg & Elementor Compatible Theme
  • Free Affiliate Booster Plugin that Empowers Gutenberg Blocks
  • Enhances CTR for Affiliates via Affiliate Booster Plugin
  • The plugin is Best for Affiliate Blogs (Excellent for Amazon Affiliates)
  • 25% Discount Running for the Theme (current)


What is an Affiliate Booster?

Affiliate Booster is a WordPress Theme.

As the name suggests, this theme is mainly made for affiliate marketers.

This is a very new product in the affiliate marketing industry. It was launched in June 2022.

Affiliate Booster is a WordPress theme for affiliate marketers who are looking for a schema optimized fast loading theme.

The man behind the product is the renowned affiliate marketing guru from India, Mr. Kulwant Nagi. He has made a fortune through affiliate marketing.

He says that Affiliate Booster is the outcome of his own needs & pains as an affiliate marketer.

In the market, WordPress themes are not built keeping in mind the need for an affiliate blogger. The requirements of an affiliate blogger and a generic blogger are different. He saw the gap in the blogging industry and built this powerful Affiliate Booster Theme for WordPress.

Affiliate Booster started out as a way to help Kulwant Nagi and his team for their affiliate marketing business. However, Kulwant soon realized this creation could be useful to others and has a great potential as a product.

What is an Affiliate WordPress Theme?

Knowing Affiliate WordPress Themes

Affiliate WordPress themes are normal WordPress themes that are specifically designed to cater to the purpose of affiliate marketing.

First, let us walk through the requirements we as an affiliate marketer requires with our website…

An Affiliate’s website should be focussed on CONVERSION OPTIMISATION, which is the most crucial element in Affiliate marketing.

As affiliate marketers, we need a theme that helps us to publish extreme professional-looking reviews or lists, showcase our USPs, give comparisons, etc.

Our reviews should highlight the good and bad aspects of each item, along with other useful features such as product comparisons, star ratings, video, and a lot more that are critical for conversions.

Also, we should have a stronghold on your website theme, with full customization option available.

We know that there is no use of affiliate blogging if your website can not rank.

Schema optimization, speed, SEO score, etc are some of the ranking factors in SERP.

But, a poor website theme can not accomplish these goals.

Else, you have to burn hours of time finding the best plugins for the same, buy the premium version of the speed booster plugin, or hire a developer. Another key factor for SERP is the responsive design of the website.

A blogger can get through the above shortcomings.

But an affiliate marketer can never ignore the above factors. This calls for a good WordPress theme for affiliate marketing.


Detailed Review of Affiliate Booster – can it solve Affiliate Marketer’s concerns?

The exciting news – Affiliate Booster does it’s job!

Affiliate Booster Theme is intended to save your time, it optimizes your WordPress website, increases CTR, thereby bringing in good cash.

We had tried several different themes, won’t take the name here, in comparison to them, this does the best job of the purpose.

Let us discuss the PROS of Affiliate Booster in detail now…

1. Performance of Affiliate Booster Theme

We rated the performance of Affiliate Booster Theme based on the factors – schema optimization, Google SEO, and Speed. We will cover each of these in here.

(a) Schema Optimization

Pros – Affiliate Booster Review

What is Schema Optimization?

Moz defines Schema as a semantic vocabulary of tags, meaning a set of codes, that you can add to your HTML to improve the way search engines read and represent your page in SERPs. This helps search engines to fetch more informative results for users. It is recognized by Google, Binge, and other search engines., is the result of a joint collaboration of Google, Yahoo & Bing. This made all of them make schema an important factor in SEO.

If interested to know more about schema, we suggest Neil Patel’s guide on schema. Not necessarily all themes on WordPress aids to boost the schema.

Affiliate Booster Theme is 100% Schema Optimised. This makes it to be Google friendly, eventually, Google has to follow your blog.

One method of how you could test whether your website is optimized for the schema is by having a “rich result test” with google console. Top Ranke, uses the Affiliate Booster plugin, the “rich result test” outcome is shown below. Isn’t it amazing.

Top Ranke is schema optimized with the aid of Affiliate Booster!


(b) Google SEO Score

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the major objectives of any website. SEO means how easy is the website is for the search engine crawlers to crawl and how easily the content can be understood so that more traffic can be bought to it.

A website theme’s main purpose is to make the website look good. Along with this it being SEO friendly is an additional benefit. But, SEO optimization is so important today almost all good themes are SEO optimized or SEO friendly.

Search Engine Journal, suggests Google’s Web.Dev SEO Score measure.

The scoring is given between 0 to 99.

Any website theme that falls below 70 on the SEO score should be ignored. But make sure there are no mistakes from your side on SEO basic optimization.

We did the test for Top Ranke on Google’s Web.Dev.

The result is, we got a score of 99/100.


Visit Affiliate Booster Offical Website here

(c) Loading Speed of Affiliate Booster Theme

Speed is a major factor in your search engine rankings.

In fact, Google takes it very seriously.

The search engine doesn/t want a bad user experience of waiting. In fact, users won’t wait for your website also. Apart from search engine rankings and user experience, speed is critical for conversion rate and bounce rate reduction.

To enhance your load time, you need to carefully select the WordPress theme.

The theme should be built-in optimized standards, should be lightweight and SEO friendly.

Affiliate Booster claims to of ultra-speed page loading.

Is this true, let’s test with Top Ranke. We will use Google’s Page Speed Insights, to check if something is lagging.

Wow….isisn’t it amazing?

Having a score of 100/100 using Affiliate Booster.

This is the desktop score, let’s check the mobile score.

Getting a score above 70 for mobile with Google page speed insights is generally considered as tough.

Let’s check the score with Affiliate Booster Theme…

So here it is.

84/100 with Affiliate Booster. Great!

This is the highest we have ever got for “Top Ranke” with any of the WordPress themes.

We consulted and gave feedback to the Affiliate Booster Team on the good speed score. They gave another assurance also, that they are working on further improvement of the Mobile Speed Score so that we could achieve 100/100 on mobile too.

Affiliate Booster Review verdict on Affiliate Booster’s claim of “Ultra Fast Loading” – TRUE & EXCELLENT.

Nobody Likes a Slow Website.

The most common testing tool for website loading time speed used globally is Pingdom.

You can test your site speed here with Pingdom.

We were never able to reduce our page load time earlier less than 3 seconds. But with Affiliate Booster Theme we achieved the best result we ever had. One another factor apart from the theme to optimise your website is to have a powerful hosting. The theme alone won’t help you.

We recommend using GreenGeeks for Hosting.

Below is the result of our website in Pingdom using Affiliate Booster.

Pingdom result Top Ranke

The result – 1.06 seconds of load time.

OFFERS to Rank Your Affiliate Website on Google

Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin

Green Geek Hosting – Starting from $9.95 $2.95 per month

Before You Buy a Theme

Tip – Before you buy a theme, identify 2 to three websites using the same theme, and conduct the tests of schema optimization, SEO score, speed test, etc. The average score could be your website score. Research before you spends your hard-earned money.


2. Theme Customization Option with Affiliate Booster

As told earlier the basic purpose of a theme is to make the website look good. A good design is to be unique, for this, you should be given all the tools and systems to change things and play around. Affiliate Booster is one such theme that lets you play around with designs numerously. Be it logo width, footer width, global title colors, home page layouts, single-page layouts, header varieties, menu customization, etc. tremendous customization option is possible.

We really liked the customization capability provided by Affiliate Booster, we will go through it one by one…….

(a) Homepage Layout

Affiliate Booster Theme comes with nine homepage layout options. You can have sidebar on left/right/no sidebar, full-width posts in a row, etc.

The grids in the layout are made aesthetically.

The nine layout option is something incredible. These beautifully designed homepage designs are helpful for professional bloggers and affiliates. This is a highly professional design.

(i) Multiple Single Post Layout Option

Whether you need in your post, the header above or below featured image, without featured image, sidebar required or not, the option of sidebar settings, etc. All these options are available with Affiliate Booster.

(ii) Footer Option

Affiliate Booster theme supports up to 4 footers apart from a footer menu. Widgets can be added to these footers to add dynamic content to the footer. The footer area color changes, height adjustment, etc. are also possible.

(iii) Widget Option

Affiliate Booster theme has the following widget options.

  • Above Title Ads
  • Below Title Ads
  • Header Banner
  • After Content Area
  • Before Footer – for advertising
  • Footer Column 1
  • Footer Column 2
  • Footer Column 3
  • Footer Column 4
  • Main Sidebar 

(iv) Custom Scripts

We know that Custom Scripts gives us the ability to install external scripts like tags, Facebook pixels, and other things that can help in marketing, tracking, or other areas.

AffiliateBooster supports both global and local custom scripts. Global scripts run on the entire website, while local scripts run only on the page that they are placed on.

And the part that we love is you can add custom scripts easily with Affiliate Booster, just copy and paste – where we need it, either in the header or on footer script area. This you feature, you won’t find with all the themes in the market.

(b) Header Layout

Another feature we love in Affiliate Booster is the multiple Header Layout options. The theme gives 6 header layout options even header with Advertisement banner area. As an affiliate, this would be something that you look forward – to market your most important, high selling product.

(c) Affiliate Booster Review on Typography Options

You get a handful of options to play around with typography anywhere in the theme. Some of the major options are listed below:

Body Background Color

The body background color option lets you set a background color for the body of your pages.

Content Background Color

Content Background Color lets you change the color of your content background.

Advanced Typography

The typography options make it easy for you to customize the font style and size of different elements of your site in one place. You can change the font size, color, font, etc for each text related part – H1, H2, H3,…….., Body, Para, etc. directly under the global setting. The changes will be reflected throughout the website.

These are just the gist on the theme customization options with Affiliate Booster. You won’t have any difficulty with the customization part. Now, it’s up to you how to make the website stunningly beautiful.

3. Affiliate Booster Theme Review on Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is very crucial nowadays, as more and more users use mobile now for surfing. A responsive site automatically adapts the size of the device.

You should take care of this aspect as a priority so that the user has the best experience possible. It is not at all good forcing users to adapt to your layout.

As per the study, almost 40% of users have gone to a competitor’s website only due to the fact of mobile responsiveness.

Worldwide wide the number of smartphone users internationally crossed 2 billion smartphone users in 2016 and it’s ever-growing.

Also, 60% of the searches now come from mobile devices.

Responsive mobile website design is a site that creates a system to adapt to the size of the user’s device, with the same URL and same content source.

This means the website has a fluid & flexible layout adapting to the screen size of the user.

Not all WordPress website themes are powered with mobile responsiveness.

So choosing one with a good responsive feature, be it the content layout, readability and design is very much important.

Top Ranke, using Affiliate Booster is mobile responsive, which is a good testimonial for the themes responsive feature.

You can check the mobile responsiveness for various devices on the Responsive Design Checker.

See the result of Top Ranke, on mobile devices and tablets.

Mobile Responsiveness for Search Engine Ranking

Among the hundreds of factors of search engine ranking parameters, mobile responsiveness is one of the aspects.

Google algorithm loves a mobile responsive website.

It has also rolled out a mobile-first indexing policy. So, understand how important it is.

Do you know you can check the mobile responsive test, created by Google itself?

Check your mobile responsiveness with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

See the result of Top Ranke, ultimately it narrows down to the capability of Affiliate Booster Theme.

4. WordPress Editor Compatibility of Affiliate Booster Theme

There are 3 types of WordPress Editor which people use. WordPress Classic Editor, Gutenberg Editor, and Elementor. We have tested Affiliate Booster Theme with all the three. This theme is 100% compatible with all these. Meaning, the web pages you are creating with these editors will have no issue with the theme. And the layouts, typographies, colors, etc that use as default do not contradict with the editors. If you change the design other than the default designs, using editors, the same will reflect as per your desire without conflicts.

WordPress Editor and Affiliate Booster Plugin

We will soon see the awesome features of Affiliate Booster Plugin in the next section. The plugin is extremely beneficial for affiliate marketing blogs.

This Affiliate Booster Plugin is made as an addon for Gutenberg Block.

Meaning, you can experience the super feature only if you make pages with Gutenberg.

The plugin integration with Elementor is not rolled out yet. This is a small demotivating factor to many, who want to use Affiliate Booster Plugin but are used to Elementor.

Editing Elementor pages with Gutenberg blocks for grabbing the feature of the plugin is nearly impossible.

We tried it, it is possible but extremely difficult.

We had to keep the old pages built on Elementor as such and the new pages are built on Gutenberg Block Editor that is powered with Affiliate Booster plugin.

We raised the issue with the founder of Affiliate Booster, he said that in the future version of Affiliate Booster Plugins, he will make this possible for Elementor also. Which sounds too good for the theme users like us.

5. Additional Resources – Affiliate Booster Plugin – NECESSARY PLUGIN FOR AFFILIATES

The best part we loved about the theme is the Free plugin the theme provides – Affiliate Booster Plugin.

This is a Gutenberg Block plugin.

It acts as an add-on to the Gutenberg block and is extremely easy to use.

The plugin is super beneficial for affiliate marketing websites, to market your affiliate products.

What affiliates used to do for hours, making pros and cons, single product review, etc. has become a matter of a few minutes.

With this plugin, you can concentrate on the content part, the design side is already catered to.

The aim of the plugin is to increase CTR and enhance sales.

You will be shocked to see the easiness and the power of the plugin.

The Affiliate Booster plugin is termed as AB in Gutenberg block editor.

Selecting the plugin from the editor is easy, just have to browse and select on Gutenberg editing block elements.

The Affiliate Booster Plugin comes with nine powerful Gutenberg add on elements.

Let’s see them one by one visually…

1. Affiliate Booster Single Product Block

Single Product Block is a block designed to highlight the most important features of a product and help improve sales and conversions on your website.

This is a predesigned block.

You just have to change the text, add image, and give your affiliate link on the button.

An example is given below.


router ups

Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router, CCTV, Set-Top Box

  • Un-interrupted WiFi as you work, play and shop from home
  • Up to 4 hours of power backup
  • 6-month warranty
  • Compatible with D-Link – DWR-116, DIR-600L, DIR-605L

The above block is made with Affiliate Booster Single Product Block.

Time took to make the entire content for the block – less than 2 minutes.

2. Affiliate Booster Dynamic Block

This block facilitates you to make any type of design.

If you use your creativity, you can build a variety of beautiful blocks.

Savya Foldable Bed Laptop Table

  • Wooden Table
  • Foldable
  • Non Slip bottom Design

Glamflox Foldable Bed Laptop Table

  • Table with Cup Holder
  • Foldable
  • Non-Slip Legs
  • Wood top board

Fabulo Foldable Bed Laptop Table

  • Foldable Legs and Drawer
  • Wooden Table
  • Surface Angle Adjustment


The above was designed as per my creativity, you can make a various number of designs.

Once you use it, you will come to the power of Dynamic Block.

3. Affiliate Booster Comparison Table

Every affiliate marketer knows that creating a comparison table is the most consuming in the content creation.

You have to install various additional plugins, do lots of manual design works, still you may find it not up to the mark.

Affiliate Booster Comparison table is a great time saver.

Seeing the below Comparison Table itself you can judge the robustness of it.

Time taken to make the table is just 3 minutes.

If you’ve ever created comparison tables, you know that they can be such a pain to create and manage.

Not only do you have to install various plugins, but even styling them can be a tough task.




  • Material – Cotton
  • Washable
  • 4 Layer
  • ISO & CE Certified
  • Pack of 3
Check Price


  • Reusable
  • 100% Cotton Cloth
  • Mix Color
  • Pack of 7
Check Price


  • Reusable & Washable
  • 5-Layered Outdoor Protection Face Mask
  • Improved Ear Loop
  • Pack of 3
Check Price

4. Affiliate Booster Good-Bad Block

As an affiliate, you may want to summarize the good and the bad points of a product and helps customers make decisions quickly.

The Good-Bad Block is created with the purpose.

Again an awesome feature.

Time taken to make the block is 2 minutes.


router ups

The Good

  • Intelligent circuits
  • Charges the battery optimally to ensure the life of the battery
  • Can use it for Wi-Fi routers, ONT devices, CCTV, Set-Top Box

The Bad

  • Router UPS is primarily designed for one device. Multiple device features would have made it the best.

5. Affiliate Booster Top Pick Product

When you are talking on multiple products, there is always a clear winner in it.

This product is the one you rate the most.

You have to showcase it distinctly.

Affiliate Booster Top Pick Product makes it very easy to build the top pick.

This block will boost your sales too, as it strongly can convince the users for purchase.

There are many who doesn’t want to spend time on research or there are people who get confused when there is over the delivery of information.

This Top Pick block will be maximum used by these people.

Time taken to build the block is 2 minutes.

Top Pick
Bosch tool set

Bosch GSB 550

Mechanic Kit 

Robust and compact 550W impact drill with an extra-large kit for multiple needs and includes 120 accessories. The power output is 270 watts and the rated torque is 1.5 Nm. One-stop solution for all your mechanic needs. Be your own mechanic.

6. Affiliate Booster Pros and Cons Block

The Pros and Cons block is a beautiful way to explain the strengths & weaknesses of a product.

It help users to make an informed decision.

When used well, it will help boost your clicks and conversions.

Time took to build the block is 2 minutes.


  • Robust and compact
  • Drilling capacity in concrete is 13mm
  • Ergonomically slim and compact design
  • Material: Plastic


  • Weight

7. Affiliate Booster Call to Action Block

This is used when you want the user to take a specific action, like encouraging them to buy, collect email, call back request etc.

Time took to build the block – 2 minute

Summer Camp Enrolment

If you want your kid to get the advanced swimming lessons, spread over two months, one hour per day, you can enrol on our Advanced Summer Swimming Camp. We enlist only 50 students in this batch. Mandatory swimming wear should be carried when in practice. Do contact us for more information.

8. Affiliate Booster Notification Block

Notification block is used to emphasize some important aspects to be used to highlight important aspects of a product, promote something specific, etc.

An example of button block was used at the start of this content, same given as example below.

Nullam et nibh ac nulla commodo ultricies ac in dui. Mauris mollis leo vel nulla scelerisque lobortis. Nam ultrices dui eget suscipit euismod. Duis id metus condimentum, interdum mauris a, venenatis sapien. Mauris felis libero, ultricies vitae dolor sit amet,

9. Affiliate Booster Notice Block

Notice Block is intended to bring the attention of the user to a particular text that you want to highlight.

Most of the readers browse fast, having a notice block facilitates grabbing the attention of the user.

In this Affiliate Booster Review, we have used a Notice Block earlier, the same we are giving as a sample example below.

Before You Buy a Theme

Tip – Before you buy a theme, identify 2 to three websites using the same theme, and conduct the tests of schema optimization, SEO score, speed test, etc. The average score could be your website score. Research before you spends your hard-earned money.

10. Other Affilaite Booster Blocks – Button Block & Star Rating Block

These blocks can be used independently and along with other blocks. Since we don’t find something special to it, as you can find the same with Gutenberg editor, it doesn’t bring much value.

In conclusion, Affiliate Booster is ROBUST PLUGIN.

In fact, this plugin makes it a must to buy the theme.

As the plugin is not available for buy separately.

The plugin is a necessity or it’s alternative is a must for an affiliate marketing professional.

6. Pricing – Affiliate Booster Theme Review

Pricing of Affiliate Booster Theme is based on how many website licenses you need – Single Website, 50 Website License, and Unlimited Website License.

You can get a 25% discount currently.

After the discount, it is priced approximately, 20 dollars for a single site license, 40 USD for 50 site licenses, and 70 USD for an Unlimited License.

Single Site License25 Sites License50 Sites License
100% Schema Optimized100% Schema Optimized100% Schema Optimized
Google SEO Score = 99Google SEO Score = 99Google SEO Score = 99
Fast LoadingFast LoadingFast Loading
100% Gutenberg Compatible100% Gutenberg Compatible100% Gutenberg Compatible
6 Header Designs6 Header Designs6 Header Designs
9 Homepage Designs9 Homepage Designs9 Homepage Designs
5 Single Page Designs5 Single Page Designs5 Single Page Designs
100% Responsive100% Responsive100% Responsive
Typography ControlsTypography ControlsTypography Controls
Color ControlsColor ControlsColor Controls
Elementor CompatibleElementor CompatibleElementor Compatible
FREE Affiliate Booster PluginFREE Affiliate Booster PluginFREE Affiliate Booster Plugin
40% Renewal Discount on Actual Price40% Renewal Discount on Actual Price40% Renewal Discount on Actual Price
$39 Per Year $49 Per Year $59 Per Year
$29.25 Per Year $36.75 Per Year$44.25 Per Year

OFFERS to Rank Your Affiliate Website on Google

Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin

Green Geek Hosting – Starting from $9.95 $2.95 per month

In comparison to other major WordPress themes like Generatepress or Thrive Themes, comparing the features, Affiliate Booster pricing is economical and at the same time moderate.

In comparison to themes like generate press, which costs you USD 50 for Unlimited License, it may sound slightly on the higher side.

But, you won’t get a powerful plugin like Affiliate Booster, which makes Affiliate Booster the winner.

In comparison to Thrive WordPress Theme, Affiliate Booster is extremely cheap but Thrive is loaded with features.

For a newbie in blogging, we recommend going with Single Site license, which is cheap compared to any good WordPress Themes.

If you manage multiple websites, go with Unlimited or 50 Site License Affiliate Booster Theme.

As this is an introductory offer, currently 25% Discount is available.

The price may go higher anytime.

The best part is “now they are giving Affiliate Booster Plugin Free“.

Later this may not be there, have to purchase additionally.

6. Customer Support – Affiliate Booster Review

Once there was a serious issue that we faced.

That was during when WordPress Version 5.5 update was rolled out.

The update of WordPress 5.5 was a major global update, and from news we understood many of the website themes around the world got broken down.

The same had happened with us.

Some of the features of Top Ranke had troubles.

We raised the issue at morning 3.10 AM and surprisingly the issue was resolved in a day. Their swift rectification surprised all, as many renowned WordPress Themes took almost a week to rectify the issues.

At the start of the purchase, we had some knowledge based doubts which was also immediately answered.

So our experience with Affiliate Booster Customer Support is excellent.

On the dedicated dashboard that you get, there are tons of tutorials in the form of document and videos.

Going through these, there is a remote chance that you will have some issues on things like – installation, license details, how to stuffs, etc.

The guide provided by them is self-explanatory.

When you face any issue, be it on Affiliate Booster Theme or Affiliate Booster Plugin, you can immediately raise a support ticket through your dashboard, which will be provided to you on your purchase.

The support team will check, whether it is a bug or not.

If it is a bug they will fix it immediately.

If it is something due to your lack of experience they will guide you immediately.

Also Affiliate Booster has a Telegram Channel, only for the buyers.

You can take full advantage of it if any issues are faced on the theme or plugin.

The support team and also the previously experienced buyers will guide you instantly.

This is one thing that we loved a lot.

You get solution almost in minutes.

Our Final Word on Affiliate Booster Theme

Now it is time for us to give the final word or verdict on Affiliate Booster.

“Affiliate Booster Theme and Affiliate Booster Plugin are Incredible.”

This is an unbiased statement because we are using it currently.

You will love the ease and performance of Affiliate Booster.

Yes, it has some drawbacks.

The good and the bad of Affiliate Booster Theme Review is given below.

Affiliate Booster Review Conclusion

The Good

  • Highly Optimised for SEO
  • Ultra High Website Speed
  • Lots of Customization Option
  • One of the Best Plugin for an Affiliate Blogger
  • Affordable Pricing.

The Bad

  • Affiliate Booster Plugins non compatibility with Elementor

Affiliate Booster Review Final Rating

Get the Best Hosting for Affiliate Website and the Best WordPress Theme Now

Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin

Green Geek Hosting – Starting from $9.95 $2.95 per month

We tried our level best to give a thorough review and explain most of the features.

It was not a tough task for us to do Affiliate Booster Review as we are currently using it.

We are extremely happy with the WordPress theme.

We strongly recommend Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin if you own an affiliate website.

Get Affiliate Booster Theme Now for FREE

FAQs on Affiliate Booster

What is Affiliate Booster?

Affiliate Booster is a WordPress Theme. Though this WordPress Theme is built for Affiliate Bloggers, any bloggers can use the theme to optimize your WordPress Site. This theme is a Schema Optimized theme, making it search engine ranking friendly. This WordPress Theme helps you to create any type of website, even e-commerce website, informational blogs and drop shipping websites can be aesthetically made with Affiliate Booster. Also, this theme offers industry-leading features, flexibility, and speed. This theme comes along with a powerful plugin – Affiliate Booster Plugin. This is a Gutenberg Blocks plugin with which you can make beautiful, elegant, professional and high converting blocks. It is not mandatory to use Affiliate Booster Plugin along with the theme. And this plugin can be used with any WordPress websites that uses Gutenberg Block Editor.

What is Affiliate Booster Plugin?

Affiliate Booster Plugin is a WordPress Plugin that comes along Affiliate Booster WordPress Theme. This plugin is intended for making your affiliate blog design easy and beautiful. The plugin features pre-built well designed blocks which are helpful for a affiliate blogger to show case their products. Affiliate Booster Plugin is an add on to Gutenberg Block. This Affiliate Booster Plugin in Gutenberg blocks helps your website in creating high-converting blocks to boost affiliate revenue. Many of the frequently used manual designs like Pros and Cons Block, Single Product Review Block, Best Seller Block, etc. are pre-designed with Affiliate Booster Plugin. It saves time, effort and requires almost no design skill in developing Affiliate Blocks.
Affiliate Booster Plugin can be used with any WordPress themes. It is not mandatory to use Affiliate Booster Theme to use it. You can use the plugin with any WordPress Themes like Generate Press, Astra, Ocean WP, Hello Theme, etc. Affiliate Booster Plugin will work efficiently with them without any issue.
Only factor is the plugin can not be bought separately now. For getting the plugin you have to buy the theme. It is up to you whether to use Affiliate Booster Theme or your favorite theme after that. The downloads after your purchase is to be done separate for the theme and plugin, so if you don’t want to install the theme at all, again it’s your choice. You can download only the plugin and use.

What is the difference between Affiliate Booster and Elementor?

Affiliate Booster Theme is a WordPress theme which you can use to create any type of website. This theme comes with a plugin – Affiliate Booster Plugin. This plugin adds Gutenberg blocks to your website by which you can create high-converting blocks fast and easy that can increase your affiliate marketing revenue.

Elementor is a page builder that can be used to design pages on WordPress websites. This page builder facilitates beautiful designs in WordPress sites. Whatever blocks that can be created with Elementor are predesigned in Affiliate Booster Plugin.
Creating elements or blocks using Elementor is time consuming and requires bit of design sense. Affiliate Booster Plugin stands out here as this plugin offers you well designed blocks that requires lots of time when creating with Elementor.
Also, if you design every page of your WordPress site with Elementor, your site’s performance can go down as these are very heavy for your site. This ultimately affects your search engine ranking and eventually your affiliate earnings.

What happens when Affiliate Booster Theme License expires?

Affiliate Booster Theme license is given for one year. This theme license follows a yearly pricing model. For the one year you have paid you can use the theme, will get support and updates. If you don’t renew the license on expiry, you can still use the theme license, but you won’t get support and new updates for the theme.

Is it required to use both Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin together?

You are not required to use both of them together, as both of them have separate functions. Affiliate Booster is just a WordPress theme. If you are using any other theme, still you can use Affiliate Booster Plugin via Gutenberg Blocks.

And if you are using Affiliate Booster Theme and don’t want to use Affiliate Booster Plugin, that also have no issues. You can use Affiliate Booster and build pages with Elementor, or WordPress Classic Editor or even can use Gutenberg blocks without using Affiliate Booster Blocks.

Can I use Affiliate Booster Plugin with WordPress Classic Editor?

No you can not use Affiliate Booster Plugin with WordPress Classic Editor. Affiliate Booster Plugin uses structured as blocks. So it can only be used with the Gutenberg editor, also called the Block Editor in WordPress.

Can I use Affiliate Booster Plugin with Elementor?

On the same website you can use Affiliate Booster Plugin via Gutenberg Blocks and Elementor, there are no issues.

You cannot use Affiliate Booster Plugin on a web page that you have already designed with Elementor. Also for one page you can not combine both Elementor and Affiliate Booster Plugin using Gutenberg Block Editor.

Can I use the Affiliate Booster Plugin on platforms like Blogger, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, etc?

No, you can not use Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin on-site builders like Blogger, Wix, Squarespace, etc. It can only be used with WordPress.

How do I get support on Affiliate Booster issues?

Affiliate Booster has a support team. If you face any issue with Affiliate Booster Theme or Affiliate Booster Plugin, you can raise a support ticket on Affiliate Booster website. The team will work on the issue and will give you full support in the fastest time possible. Also there are detailed guides provided for the installation of theme, installation of plugins, video and word tutorials on the dashboard that will be provided to you after your purchase. If still you face any issue you can take their support.

On your purchase you can opt to be part of a Telegram group, exclusive for Affiliate Booster Buyers, where you get lots of value on the Theme and Plugins. Support can be fetched from the Telegram group also which seems to be extremely fast.


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